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I've been working on ONE world for a while now, I don't have enough time for any others, but if you want help or inspiration for your own I am more than happy to help! Additionally, if you want to help me expand my world you can join my D&D/Worldbuilding discord server at

Should you spy me or my kin, it should be known to you that shortly you will witness the death of a loved one, knowing there is nothing you can do about it. Some men go mad, avoiding their families as much as they can only to die in front of a mirror, others break under the idea anything is so helpless only to return to a flaming home. What you do is your choice. -Chupali, Demon wolf Alpha to leader of the Ardonis rebellion in the Dwarven Kingdom.
Interacting with a demon wolf is a terrible idea because no matter their demeanor it will not end well for you or those you love, but for Quinctor Agsmithar the words above we're ones of solace. Using the curse to his advantage, willingly gazing upon the Alpha he launched an attack against his brother, who was one of the commanders in chiefs of the royal legions. His brother had done the same thing. They were feet apart when they were both gutted by javelins, never even saying a word to each other. The rebellion was staunched, but the royalty was also changed into a clan-based confederate/federal system where there was one ruler but also rulers under them for each clan, which was mostly independent. Neither brother died in vain, but not in success either.

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