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Member Since: 18 Aug, 2018

A lot of my work will just be my own take on things that I like &/or I'm interested in; usually the way I think they should be. For instance, in many of my fantasy settings, the rules for magic, the supernatural & the afterlife will be the same, because they just feel right, but applied differently.

Favorite Writers

J.R.R.Tolkein, H.P.Lovecraft, George R.R.Martin, H.G.Wells, Robert Heinlein, Andrzej Sapkowski, J.K.Rowling, George Orwell, Frank Herbert & Stephen King, to name a few. For me, a "favourite" author is hard to define.

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29 Sep, 2018 19:10

Thanks for the follow! Your world looks interesting, too!

30 Sep, 2018 13:49

It's my pleasure & thank you very much

12 Oct, 2018 14:48

thanks for the follow cant wait to see more of your work

1 Nov, 2018 00:16

Thanks for the follow! I am still in the very beginning of building my world, but I hope you enjoy my work! ^_^

22 Nov, 2018 07:52

Thank you for the follow!


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