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Member Since: 16 Nov, 2017


Hailing from a small town in Connecticut, I am a full-time student, a part-time maintenance worker, and a full-time Dungeon Master. All of my free time is spent on my baby, Asteria, with my Player Characters along for the ride. Come check out the world, the scope of the project is hard to comprehend but it sure is expansive!


Table Tale


• 4 Campaigns • 11 Characters •

Interests & Hobbies

Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Boatbuilding, Brewing Beer

Favorite TV Series

The Expanse, Game of Thrones, Legion

Favorite Books

Kingkiller Chronicles, The Expanse

Favorite Writers

Patrick Rothfuss

Favorite Games

The Witcher 3, Star Citizen, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn

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