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@ BentheScribe
Ben W

Member Since: 4 Oct, 2018

I'm a 22 year old author with a great love of writing (duh). I published my own book, but decided to rewrite it, so that old book is discontinued.


Interests & Hobbies

D&D, bass guitar, writing, tabletop gaming.

Favorite Movies

The Fellowship of the Ring (honestly though, I like the whole trilogy)

Favorite TV Series

Not a big fan of TV series, to be honest. Though I do enjoy watching Supernatural, I guess.

Favorite Books

Elantris (Sanderson)

Favorite Writers

Branden Sanderson, CS Lewis, Alistair Hollens (Me...can I pick me?)

Favorite Games

Mount and Blade: Warband, Sins of a Solar Empire, ES Oblivion/Skyrim,

Badges & Awards