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Meradi | Member Since 18 Feb, 2018
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The Drowning Tubes


Hello! I do game design stuff as a Real Life Responsibility and write a lot of fanfic as a God-Given Duty.   But I also like making worlds inspired by terrains with extreme conditions that terrify me.   Probably all related.   If you go to my tumblr, you'll find my Pillowfort and fanfic spots!

Favorite TV Series

The Invisible Library (Genevieve Cogman The Tarot Sequence (KD Edwards The Night Angel Trilogy (Brent Weeks The Hollow Kingdom (Clare B. Dunkle The Black Iron Legacy (Gareth Hanrahan)

Favorite Books

Blackfish City (Sam Miller Birds Without Wings (Louis de Bernières Fancies and Goodnights (John Collier Into the Drowning Deep (Mira Grant Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austen)

Favorite Games

Dragon Age; Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons; Legend of Zelda; Uncharted; Octopath Traveler; Fire Emblem; Sunless Sea; Yakuza 0; Professor Layton


Latest Loved work