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Trans man writer who loves writing fantasy romance.

Hello! I am AuthorChase and welcome to my Patreon. I am an aspiring high fantasy/romance author hoping to publish my debut book, "Lunarius's Chosen". It is a high fantasy adventure with a romance subplot starring my trans character, Eldrinor Nocturne.   I currently live in the USA, but I will be living in Ireland starting in September. When I am not writing, I like to play RPGs and MMOs or read fantasy books. Researching mythologies is another one of my favorite activities.   Become a Mage of Eldabrand or a Savior of Notta, and check out the tiers listed on Patreon. Including the $1 USD tier to join my discord, Fox Enclave. Consider supporting me on my Patreon for a private discord community and other benefits.   Posts are scheduled Saturdays 3 PM EST. Early Access articles are Wednesday 3 PM EST. I stream on Twitch Monday-Friday 1PM-4PM EST (7PM-10PM EST on Wednesdays).

Interests & Hobbies

I like collecting crystals and stones that have creative energy. Trust me, I need them all on my desk and in my man purse at all times.

Favorite Movies

Almost all of the Marvel movies. What can I say, I love me some superheroes.

Favorite TV Series

Castlevania anime on Netflix. I have a major problem and I am not fixing it.

Favorite Books

Prince and Assassin by Tavia Lark

Favorite Writers

Ben Alderson, Jenna Moreci, and Raymond E. Feist

Favorite Games

Baldur's Gate 3, Final Fantasy series, Warcraft III, and many cozy games.