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16 Aug, 2018 02:34

Thanks for the follow, and keep up the good work on your world!

18 Aug, 2018 15:45

Thank you!

13 Aug, 2018 15:41

Thanks for following me, i will take a look at your world as soon as i have time!

13 Aug, 2018 17:07

No problem, and thank you!

Venerable Grandmaster Shaudawn
Shaudawn (a.k.a. Donovan)
10 Aug, 2018 03:23

Thanks for following my world, Post-Human Earth. I'm enjoying seeing your first articles in your own world, Hell's Garden. The Crystal Lily is particularly interesting and innovative. Happy worldbuilding. :D

10 Aug, 2018 17:27

You're very welcome, and thank you!

Hello there, I am a young worldbuilder interested in RPGs, fiction writing, and worldbuilding just for the heck of it! You'll probably find that a large part of the worlds I create will be geography, wildlife, and natural features, as in real life I love wildlife, zoology, and the outdoors.

Interests & Hobbies

World-building, wildlife, zoology, conservation, reading, writing, acting, drawing

Favorite Movies

Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Mad Max: Fury Road

Favorite TV Series

Nextlix's Stranger Things

Favorite Books

Harry Potter, Mortal Engines, Railhead, Hunger Games

Favorite Writers

J.K Rowling, Philip Reeve

Favorite Games

Dungeons and Dragons

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