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Agile Worldbuilding

What is Agile Worldbuilding?

Agile worldbuilding is a tabletop roleplaying and fantasy worldbuilding methodology inspired by Agile Development practices used in web development. The core of the practice is a cycle of iterations that helps you focus your worldbuilding, allowing you to create ONLY what you need, when you need it, without losing sight of the bigger concepts. Gamemasters, game designers, and speculative fiction writers can all benefit from agile worldbuilding.

Who created the Agile Worldbuilding Methodology?

The Agile Worldbuilding Method was developed by Dimitris Chavlidis and Janet Forbes, the co-founders of World Anvil, in 2018. Both Dimitris and Janet are professional worldbuilding consultants and published writers, and developed the method to help their own creations.

What are the benefits of the Agile Method

  • Create a richer, more believable, logically-consistent fictional world.
  • Build a “sticky,” engaging world on compelling themes and a unique premise.
  • Quickly develop an MVP (“minimum viable product”) for a game or book setting.
  • Avoid “worldbuilder's disease” and get to your draft / game design faster.

Where can I learn more about Agile Worldbuilding?

Dimitris and Janet are working on an Agile Worldbuilding Guide Book, expected 2024! In the meantime, check out the World Anvil worldbuilding platform, built with the methodology in mind.

In the meantime, learn more about Agile Worldbuilding for GMs in this seminar: