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Hothiri Submarine MK2

The Hothiri Submarine MK2 is a much more elegant and effective submarine, compared to its MK1 predecessor. Unlike the first submarine, this one is still in use to this day.

History & Creation

Not an hour after the President of Karkhala Industries speech stating a new submarine would be designed, a new designer was hired to create the Hothiri Submarine MK2. It took the designer three weeks to sketch the blueprints for a submarine that would not be crushed by the ocean mere minutes after being submerged in the water. After a week of construction, the submarine was brought to the docks of Iroquet, where four crew members climbed aboard, and the submarine was sent off on a mission to retrieve three new flora species. This simple task was achieved in just under 10 minutes, and the submarine returned to the docks without a single dent or scratch, an immense improvement from the first design.


The Hothiri Submarine MK2 is a much sleeker design, compared to the spherical MK1. This submarine is 7 metres in length and 3 metres tall, which allows for greater speeds in the water. The submarine is the same colour as the first, a dark blue, to conceal itself from unknown fauna that may pose a threat to the crew members inside.

This time around, the safety of the submarine was much more of a concern. The glass window was four times as thick, and could only be viewed one way, and the metal used in the submarine was much lighter while the same strength as the first.

Similarly to the first submarine design, there are multiple aquariums lining the submarine, which can be accessed from the outside and inside. Long robotic limbs, controlled by crew members that aren't the driver, are independently used to collect flora and slow-moving fauna.


The success of this design reassured workers of the safety of the company. The new submarine was plastered on billboards across the island, on hallways in the worker's apartments, convincing everybody that the company was able to create usable vehicles and technologies that would not kill its crew members.
7 metres
3 metres
20 mph

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