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Hothiri Submarine MK1

In an attempt to study the various flora and fauna of the depths of Hothiri, Karkhala Industries designed a submarine they thought would be fitting. This submarine, simply named Hothiri Submarine, was one of the most poorly designed submarines in existence.

History & Creation

The intitial design for Hothiri Submarines were sketched just a week after the planet's first landing on Hothiri. After a few days of not-so-carefully examining the ocean surrounding Iroquet, the only island and where Karkhala Industries' Hothiri Base was located, the designers of the submarine were confident that it would overcome the oceanic pressures. They were wrong.

Mere minutes after the submarine swam below the surface of the ocean, the metal sphere was crushed under the weight of the water. The scientists inside unfortunately passed away, and the submarine was lost to the bottom of the ocean. This initial failure worried every single worker on the planet. The Ossaino species are an arboreal one, so it would take a while for them to comfortably explore the depths of the seas.


The Hothiri Submarine MK1 is a perfectly spherical vehicle. The submarine was painted a dark blue, to camouflage with the oceans and conceal themselves from any unknown animal species, and a small glass window let the scientists observe the outside surroundings.

The inside of the vehicle was much better designed than the outside. The submarine could fit three crew members, each with large, comfortable seats to sit in, as well as several cup holders. From the blueprints, it seems that crew comfortability was priority, rather than competent submarine design.

Towards the back of the submarine were three small glass containers filled with water. These aquariums could be accessed from both the inside and outside of the vehicle, and with small robotic limbs, the driver of the submarine would be able to collect small samples of the various lifeforms in the ocean.


The failure of the first submarine design did not go unnoticed by the workers of Karkhala Industries. In fact, it sent most workers spiralling, worried for their safety while they worked endlessly on the planet. Things were so bad, the President of the company performed a speech on Iroquet and declared the immediate firing of the designer of the submarine, and stated that remodelling would occur immediately.
4 metres
4 metres
10 mph
Complement / Crew
3 crew members

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