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Aurora Penguin

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One of the toughest critters of Daglaci, aurora penguins can put up a good fight. They are a common prey item of the larger predators of the Frozen, but enjoy taking on smaller animals as a carnivorous species. Their shimmering green, blue and purple plumage are reminiscent of auroras, hence the name.


Aurora penguins spend most of their lives around the thinnest parts of the Frozen. They are commonly found around ice ponds. These penguins will spend hours on end standing at the edges of these ponds, waiting for animals to surface. Their long beaks are used to spear their prey, tearing them apart with thick ridges along their bills.

Daglacians enjoy hunting aurora penguins, as they are considerably dangerous. Standing at almost two metres tall, they could easy take on a juvenile daglacian. An adult, not so much.

Eggy Placeholder by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
15 years
Average Height
1.8 metres
Geographic Distribution

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