World of wizard's peak Founding of Lozarian Kingdom

Founding of Lozarian Kingdom



In 1322 Bienan, the Ninth Lord Kirinal, was crowned as the first King of Lozar. This was the culmination of an alliance made years earlier when Bienan agreed to become Lord Protector of Keniles, a city-state on the Vitran coast at the mouth of the Red River. The crowning of Bienan and his marriage to Lord Keniles' daughter sealed the two city-states together as a kingdom. This was a pragmatic choice for both sides. Keniles gained the protection of the Lozarian Order against raids by Zabaran pirates, their scourge for a hundred years. Kirinal gained a port on the Vitran Sea. Taking it's name from Kirinal's founder and his order of warriors, Lozar was born.

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