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Session 06: Break in to Revel's End & Zombie Attack Report

General Summary

Prison Break-In

The Pit Patrol arrives at the prison called Revel's End. It lies on the frozen northern shore of Reaver's Deep between the Alian Tribes and the Empire of Borthakar. Their mission is to find Prisoner Thirteen and get the key to retrieve Clan Axebreaker's stolen treasure.

Party members Thirteen and Fez the Jest have gone undercover as guards. Lucius Solara and Zernon are impersonating chefs. D'wat has hidden himself in the cargo during the three-day journey. T-R01d has been hidden inside the bag of holding that D'wat carries. Oyxuysi Oyxuys shadows the prison transport in the skyship that the Pit Patrol commandeered from the Gray Angels.

A Dream of Orcs and Undeath

While concealed in the extra-dimensional space of the bag, T-R01d's mind goes deeper into itself because of the sensory deprivation. As he enters the borders of Borthakar for the first time, memories of past lives intrude on his consciousness. For the first time, he realizes what he used to be.

At first he was an orcish warrior named Sahl-Uzan who marched south in the army of the Lich-King during the Lichwars. He died in the first Kirinal Catastrophe and his soul was trapped in the Kirinal Pit.

His flesh and bones rose at the whims of the necromancer Dolgathan becoming part of a zombie kaiju. The monstrosity was eventually destroyed by the Lords of Greystone. The soul of Sahl-Uzan who would become T-R01d was drawn back into the Pit.

Eventually, his soul was reclaimed from undeath and given a new life in the Soul Forge where he has been given a chance to finish the life that was taken from him.

A Fairy's Tale

When they arrive at the prison, the party is informed that they have been given shifts that evening. Thirteen and Fez will be patrolling the corridors. Lucius and Zernon will be prepping for breakfast the next morning.

As the D'wat's crate is getting carted away, the fairy uncharacteristically makes a sound when the crate is jolted. A suspicious guard opens the crate and sticks his spear into it, stabbing the rogue fairy. D'wat makes an involuntary sound, but manages to wipe the blade clean as it comes out of the packing materials. The confused guard stabs into the materials again and digs through the crate. The wily fairy manages to stay hidden and avoids revealing himself through his bleeding.

That night D'wat creeps out of his hiding place to reconnoiter the prison. He successfully hides from the first set of guards, but the second set of guards spot him. Just as they are about to sound the alarm, D'wat opens the bag and drops 516 lbs of newly self aware soulforged on them.

The other guards come around the corner, but they reveal themselves to be Thirteen and Fez! The four of them wrap up the other guards and use a scroll with "Modify Memory" on it to charm and manipulate their memories.

A Cluster of Fun

Knowing that they can't keep their presence hidden for more than a few hours, the Pit Patrol gathers in the kitchens with Lucius and Zernon. With the newly charmed guards as their accomplices, they put together a lightning quick plan that's sure to succeed!

  1. They have Lucius and Zernon make arroz caldo for the guards in the Surveillance Hub and they put paralyzing poison in it.
  2. They bring the poison to the guards in the Hub and convince them to eat it.
  3. The seven guards eat it, but one guard notices that the others are getting paralyzed!
  4. He's about to press the alarm button, but the party hits him with a dart with the same poison, paralyzing him with his hand over the button!
  5. They throw the guards in an empty cell and cast a silence spell over the front of it.

Thirteen and Prisoner Thirteen

With 10 minutes of silence, the Pit Patrol arrives at Prisoner Thirteen's cell and offer to break her out. The dwarf woman's response, "Thanks, but I'm chill. I'm gonna stay right here."

The uncooperative prisoner stonewalls them before making a connection with Thirteen and her own prisoner number. She agrees to give them the key if the Patrol can bring her the Warden's prisoner files and if Thirteen will take a telepathy tattoo from her.

The Patrol agrees. While D'wat heads out on another infiltration mission, Thirteen and Thirteen get inked up. Prisoner Thirteen reveals her true name to the half-elf sorceress. The fairy returns with the files. Prisoner Thirteen goes over them and telepathically sends the info out into the world.

As the Patrol prepares to put back the papers and escape, the tattooed mob boss reveals that she's a Gray Angel leader and that she knows that the party has taken one of her ships. As they leave, her last words to them are, "That's okay, game respects game."

As the party climbs the stairs of the central tower, the alarm finally goes off. 50 guards come pouring out of their quarters as D'wat pours oil and ball bearings on the stairs behind them. They reach the top of the tower and call for Oyxy to come get them. They make their escape and get home.

They claim their prize of a share of the Clan Axebreaker's stolen treasure along with some magic items.

A Shatter of Zombies

The next Shatter, the Pit Patrol finds themselves at their familiar post on the Pit Wall in front of the Fortress of Kirinal. The Surveyor's Call rings out over the hedron network.

Horn 2 Midgard Prime Zombie Apocalypse Population 4 Magic 2 Tech 6

Two, The Surveyor of Worlds

A prime material world of marvels has manifested, but all the denizens have fallen to a zombie plague. Zombie apocalypse protocols go into effect and the Pit Patrol stands ready.

A horde approaches their section of the Wall, a dozen running zombies led by four colorfully garbed zombies created from former local heroes: the Skulk, the Hammer, the Shield, and the Iron Fire Skull.

After a hard fought battle, where Zernon almost dies falling off the wall and T-R01d is almost killed by flanking skeletons, the Pit Patrol manages to destroy all of the attacking undead.

Their reward is the satisfaction of a job well done.

Rewound Retelling

The Journey continues for PPAC! The last leg of the trip Vinta’s new crew decide what roles they take in their prison break. Lucius and Zernon choose to be prison cooks, Thirteen and Fez take on the guise of guards, and D’Wat stows away in cargo lovingly holding T-R01D in the bag of holding with the groups equipment. Upon arrival a guard checked D’Wat’s box and blindly stabbed a spear in, hitting D’Wat who was stealthily able to wipe the spear of blood as it retreated from the box. The cargo was deemed alright and sent into storage.

T-R01D in stasis was inundated with ancient voices, telling him of his previous life as Sahl-Uzan, an Orcish warrior. The PPAC Chefs and Guards received the first shifts of the night. D’Wat managed to escape storage on his way to the surveillance office, dodging one pair of guards - who he didn’t know was Thirteen and Fez.

On the second round of guards, D’Wat wasn’t slick enough and they noticed him on the ceiling. D’Wat, now detected, dropped T-R01D from the bag of holding and he incapacitated one guard, pinning him to the wall, while D’Wat slung one paralysis bolt into the other guard. Hearing a struggle Fez threw Thirteen over his shoulder and sped on his Boots of Speed and Thirteen used a Scroll Modified Memory from Yula to charm the guards who were then pursuaded to patrol the ring and then sent to the roof.

Once the guards were under control, D’Wat flew to the kitchen to loop in Zernon and Lucius; they whipped up some tasty Arroz Caldo spiked with paralysis poison. The three take these bowls off to the surveillance office and get seven of the eight guards to partake in the late night snack. One guard was able to resist the poison and as he reached to sound the alarm, D’Wat put one bolt in the guard’s outstretched hand. The crew gagged all the surveillance guards and tossed them in an empty cell.

PPAC met up at the open cell for Prisoner 13. Prisoner 13 was reluctant to leave her cell, join the party, or speak more than a few words to PPAC. Feeling a kinship with Prisoner 13, D’Wat spoke in Thieve’s Cant, sparking the prisoner’s interest. Prisoner 13 and Thirteen felt a cryptic connection and the prisoner revealed her true name connecting herself to the Gray Angels who PPAC had met on their way up to the prison.

Unwilling to come with PPAC, Prisoner 13 requested time with the warden’s files which D’Wat retrieved swiftly, escaping detection in the barracks and warden’s bed chamber. Prisoner 13 clued the crew in on the key they were looking for and Thirteen copied it with a minor illusion. The group dashed from the prison and D’Wat spilled a vial of Oil of Slipperiness along with 1000 ball bearings which kept the remaining 73 guards off their trail. The crew was met by Oyxuysi in the Vinta and they sped to Verrik with the key.

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
Fez the Jest
Report Date
24 Feb 2023
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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