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Invitation to My Enemies

The famous invitation from the archmage Chagroth Durinhelm to his worst enemies is responsible for saving our world. It is the foundation upon which our Concordance sits. This proud man humbled himself by asking for help from those who have only ever tried to kill him and destroy everything that he stood for. That moment of trust created our civilization.

I stand here in a land that my ancestors despised because we were invited by a wizard that needed our help. Out of desperation, he called on the orcish armies and we have proven that we are worthy of his trust. Together we have built a civilization greater and better than anything that has come before. I am an orc of the blood of Borthakar and I am also a proud Kirinalo.

In the years after the second Kirinal Catastrophe the forces of Lozar were completely depleted. They had used up all their resources fighting off extraplanar invaders from the Kirinal Pit while also fighting in the skies against the Far Realm forces from beyond the stars.

Through attrition, the archmage Chagroth Durinhelm found himself leading the armies of Lozar that stood around the Pit. On an especially Bad Shatter the makeshift defenses collapsed as a plague of enormous arachnids and insects bound in a hivemind poured out of the newly expanded Pit.

The Far Realms could easily end the Lozarians if they wanted and Chagroth sent a desperate plea on magical scrolls around the world. He sent them to former allies, unknown powers and even his enemies.

To my enemies. We are not friends. We are not allies. I do not trust you. But our survival depends on us fighting together. This scroll will open an arcane gate here at the Kirinal Pit for you to march your armies through. Come help us and we will negotiate the terms of our surender afterwards.

— Archmage Chagroth Durinhelm, de facto Commander of the Lozarian Armies

Founding of the Concordance

Three gates opened in response to the dozens that he had sent out. To Chagroth's shock, the armies that marched through belonged to three of Lozar's greatest enemies and rivals: the Empire of Borthakar, the Magisters of Kiris, and the hordes of the Alian Tribes.

Together they turned back the invading arachnids and Chagroth prepared to surrender to his enemies. To his shock, the orcs of Borthakar and the barbarians from the cold lands proposed something else. Inspired by the so-called Latrine Crusade, the northerners proposed an alliance. To everyone's shock, the Magisters joined in and the foundation of the Concordance for Survival was in place.

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