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Gnomes love of odd corners and minor details has served them well in modern Erathia. Always a curious people that loved innovation, they adore the world that has grown up around them. They instinctively understand the technology of magitech, rail, and skyships. They commonly become artificers and are at the heart of building the devices that power the new world.

Tortoise Gnomes

Gnomes have a significant presence at The Tortoise where they continue a traditional partnership with the dwarves. When the earth dwarves began their lives at the Kirinal Pit the smallfolk, gnomes and halflings, were there to welcome them and show them how to live on "the dirt" and among other mortals. In return, the earth dwarves have shared their wealth and power with their earliest allies.


Hailing from the jungles near the equator, the nut-brown duwende love tricks and clever things. They have a lot in common with the underground svirfneblin. They are a shy people who generally avoid contact with outsiders and rarely leave their green humid homes.

Tanaka Bañaga, Duwende Sorcerer and Aswang Hunter
Gnome Sorcerer by Chris L
The duwende sorcerer Tanaka Bañaga uses powerful magic to hunt aswang in the swamps around Talinside Bay.
Genetic Descendants


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