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The Birth of a Slave Settlement

It took me some time to do the research on this, but with the help of a few rouge reporter friends, I was able to secure enough information to put to rest an issue that has plagued my mind.   The settlement of Clamor Town.   The only group of Gnomes I am aware of, who actively and eagerly, kidnapped men, women, and children, and sold them into slavery to our enemies.   To think that they almost got wiped out.   …and this never would have happened.

Rogue Scientist

Clockworks City has always been a hub of scientific genius. Breaking the barriers of what’s possible, while the rest of the world is still questioning if what they actually experience is possible.   One of the sciences we examined early on as a species, was how the Prime Gates worked. Working side by side with our Techno-Mägo, this magical device, created by the Gnolaum, was modified, copied, and reproduced.   One scientist, a Dr. Maven Underspark, was key to a discovery—harnessing the power of the Prime Gate, while refining the frequency of the vibrations the gate emitted. The results enabled our gate to project.   When Dr. Underspark objected to the intended uses of the gate, the Government Faction fired Maven, who promptly…disappeared from society.   Sadly the Gate War taught us about the Täuku’s desire for gnome flesh and their insatiable addiction to the pain of others. After losing so many to the enemy during our attempts to secure much needed natural resources, we wee forced to close and destroy the gate on our side.   Or so we thought.    

Clamor Town’s Near Destruction

First hand accounts claim the original settlement was much larger, tunneling out nearly three square miles directly under the main Clockworks furnace. This would have provided all the heat, electricity, and even water for a community of thousands.   One of the founders, reported to be an aged scientist, created a portal, which he claimed would secure Clamor Town’s economic future. Over the next year, they constructed a gate, positioning it at the settlements center…and prepped for a scouting mission.   When the gate was initiated, it did indeed open a portal to a dense jungle of unlimited natural resources.   Trouble was—it also opened a doorway to our greatest enemy, the Täuku.   The assault was instant and relentless. Shacks and hovels burst into flames, while gnomes were captured and taken.   Those left in Clamor Town severed the power to the gate, closing the connection and plunging the settlement into darkness.    

A Second Chance to Be Stupid

You’d think this would be enough for gnomes to walk away, but this wasn’t the case. The extreme loss fueled the passion for success and retribution even more.   Fearful of being discovered, the settlement was moved and redeveloped even deeper underground.   …and this time, the gate was positioned in its own cavern, which was laden with explosives. Just in case.
It was terrible—they swarmed the opening, waving their hands about and no one could flee. It was like stone held your feet to the ground, until the terrible Täuku snatched you up and pulled you into the void!
We took our axes and chopped at the cables frantically. Some got electrocuted. Some got electrocuted and died.   None of us cared. We didn’t want to be eaten by those things, so we kept hacking!
Noble, that’s what we called him—   Noble said there was riches you couldn’t even imagine on the other side of the portal, just waiting to be snatched up and used.   I mean, who would question something like that when you’ve struggled all your life just to find enough to eat?!?

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