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You've heard of the Lanthya.
You've heard of the Ithari
  But do you know the whole story?
Probably not.   Legends whisper that when Pääjuma sent the 'gift' of the gods to our world, He provided not only wisdom but the means to protect that wisdom.   How could we miss such history you ask?   Because it has nothing to do with Humans, Iskari, or the world you live in now. It has to do with a people far from you, with lives and customs you know nothing of.   What? You though just because you believe in a higher being, that He'd turn a cold shoulder on the rest of His children upon this world?   Uhhhh, no.   Pääjuma is no respecter of persons.

An Open Vision

Legend speaks of the Great Water Spirit, worshiped among the people of Seafoam, appearing to their leader, Istan-Cal. The Spirit spoke of a star that would fall from the sky--a gift from the gods--divided to give wisdom and protection from the evil to come.   The Spirit said that 'he who could wrest it from the sea and serpent, must bend the star to his will', and he would be blessed for all time.   Istan-Cal and the Duron watched the sky dutifully, their eye always upon Heavens Gate, where, upon a winter sea, the night turned to day and the heavens shed a single tear.   The star split in two, fulfilling prophecy, one finger of flame crashing down upon Seafoam, the other descending far from the Duron.    

Sea and Serpent

Upon the waters, the star floated, pulsing gently with light for all to see--including the creatures from the dark depths below.
A call was made to retrieve the star, yet all who attempted to obtain it felt the sting of the serpents of the sea. Poisonous snakes, biting at every turn, wrapping their bodies around the star.   Many died that day.   It was then Istan-Cal stood forth and dove into the water. Wading through the thick foam and icy waters, he grasped the star and pulled it to safety. Riddled with fresh wounds, the Duron leader lay lifeless upon the docks, hand gripping Pääjumä's gift.    

From Will to Metal

Star in his possession, Istan-Cal called for his weapon masters, who studied and tested the strange metal able to float upon water. Day after day they subjected the substance to flames with no effect.   That is when the Water Spirit returned--instructing Istan-Cal to stoke the fires, using seafoam, not water or oil, to temper the metal. 'Do this', instructed the Spirit, 'and the blessing will manifest.'   Day and night the masters worked, exploring the depths of their skill--until two identical blades remained...and the forge utterly wasted.
The Swords of Ate´ (The Point of No Return) represents the exceptional skills of swordsmanship these sea faring possess.   The blades are identical in every way--from weight, to balance, as well as the number of Lanthya shards folded into the metal.  







1" above the hilt  


I've actually seen these blades myself.   They're incredible.   The light green sheen of the blades throws you off at first--ripples in the folded metal causing it to look like it's moving.   Both hilts contain finely carved emeralds, while the eyes and in both the scabbard hilt of each blade are exquisitely cut rubies.   About the length of a grown man's arm, the blades hum when propelled through the air. The faster the blades move, the higher the pitch. The sound is unnerving--throwing your own concentration off--which might be the point.
  Legends speak of these incredible swords.   Some say the blades have magical properties, though I'e yet to find exact references as to what abilities they may have. My only doubt here, is the swords have been recorded as having past from father to son--all of which were masters of the weapon.   Others say the blades never dull--including a passage from a Brother who asked to hold the blades after a battle saving his village...   "...the blades reflected the waning light of the sun, and I could not find a blemish upon its surface, nor nick along its razors edge."   This wasn't the first account of their sharpness. I discovered a ships log decades ago which talked of a Duron warrior freeing the chained slaves upon a Vallen vessel.   "...with each swing of the green-tinted blades the chains fell, cleanly severed."   Another reference mentions the blade cutting through stone and metal!  

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