Shade Ring

When attempting to rescue my daughter, Wendell and Dax from a terrible fate at the hands of my own people, Chuck placed a rare magical item in my possession. He called it a Shade Ring, but records refer to it as a Ring of Shadows. Even after a great deal of research, there is very little spoken of about this type of magic--so I was forced to confront Morphiophelius directly for most of my information.

How It Functions

Slipping the ring onto the wearers finger, it casts a subtle spell around both the individual and the immediate environment. The effect is a curious one: you don't become invisible so much as becoming 'less important.'   When I used it the first time, escaping the Trench Wars stadium, the corridors were flooded with thousands of gnomes in every direction. When I slipped it on, a cold tingle resinated over my skin and people ran past me without a single glance. My first fear was being run over by the mass of bodies -- but it was as if a smal barrier was guiding bodies around me. I was never touched.   Here I thought I was completely invisible, but I could see myself -- and when I mumbled out loud, posted Centurions turned to look right at me! I could feel their eyes on me, but neither made direct eye contact.    


Chuck told me later, that these rings were made in pairs. Gifts from an ancient mägo he wouldn't name. All he'd say was that Shade Rings were used to infiltrate circles of influence and to obtain secrets to help Mahan in times past. Many were found donning the fingers of couselors to royalty and nobility, most spies for the enemy.   The University of Magic collected nearly thirty rings over a two hundred year span. Chuck retrieved two of the rings himself and as this entry establishes, kept them both -- as he showed me the second, which he keeps on his person.
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