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University of Magic

Floating high above the Eastern Gate of Humär, watching over the continent and across the vast oceans to the East and South, floats the greatest wonder of the world.   The University of Magic.   A central location of study where all who can and do claim to be mägo (magic-using flesh, both male and female) come to study and expand their knowledge and skills over the Seven Disciplines.   Deity, Core, Spiritual, Mental, Inner Physical, Outer Physical, and External.   Within the endless halls of this hovering fortress lives the greatest single collection of magical knowledge in the world. Where past, present, and future meets the minds and hearts of the greatest talents of every generation.   No enemy has ever breached its walls.   None ever will.

Höbin’s Note

It should go without saying, but those who practice magic are a loony and paranoid group. So it’s important for me to clarify here that this article will take some time and research on my part, because I’ve be assured by Chuck that he’ll assist me in getting all the information you’ll need—even if he has to personally escort me through the University.


The University of Magic hovers over the largest southern section of the ’eastern fingers’—the bow of islands protecting Humär from their enemies to the east.   Now when I say it ‘hovers’, I don’t mean in actual reach.   The University is exactly 828 feet above the ground.  


The fact that the University is 828 feet above the ground is amazing, because the castle itself is 828,000 square feet, surrounded by 828 acres of floating land.   Now, take the square footage with a pinch of salt, reader. Because if you know anything about @Chuck’s Cottage, you know it’s far more impressive on the inside than it is on the outside.   Mägo know how to make an understatement when they need to—so they can blow your mind a minute later.   The University is built in a square, containing 7775 rooms, including 22 state rooms, 68 Royal guest rooms, 2588 student bedrooms, 604 staff bedrooms, 2105 bathrooms, 109 offices, 7 cafeterias, 4 ballrooms, a 108 meter museum honoring Disco music and a bowling alley in the basement.
University / Educational complex


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