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Of all the conditions achieved by the skillful hands of an apothecary, the state of ‘Serenity’ has been sought by every master of the craft.   Known among the races as peace, the whisper, heavens breath, and among the Kutollum as the void, Serenity is a state sought after for both physical patients and spiritualists alike.   Serenity to alleviate pain, ease sorrow, to enlighten the mind and enable greater creative clarity, this state of being has been tied to a single rare source around the globe.

The Discovery

Though it could be argued that such a state of peace can be a achieved in many ways—I’m specifically focused on a drug-induced result. Serenity is most easily achieved through the ingestion of a drug called ‘Lapse’, named such for the ‘lapse of time’ experienced when taken.   Tracing merchant records of Lapse to local apothecary led me back to the sera-faring Duron. I spent some time mingling with these good people, who were more than happy to share their process with a curious historian.   I was told that Lapse was first discovered when Seafoam was yet young and the blacksmiths were laboring to create a special weapon. Something went wrong and the forge burnt through the floor of the building. Being a community over water, putting the fire out wasn’t the problem—treating the wounded caused by the fire was.   Usually an animal fat and sea foam concoction would be used for burn wounds—but this was during hunting season and supplied had dwindled. Using the gel-like inner-lining of a turtle shell, mixed with the fat from a Ravosta, the salve was applied.    

The Effects

Topical application saw near-immediate results. The skin was numbed enough to make the wounds bearable. When applied to the wounded face, a portion was ingested—and this is where the greatest effects were seen.   Patients who partook of the turtle/ravosta salve healed several times faster, while experiencing zero pain. I was told the wounded took on a near euphoric countenance. Breathing slowed considerably—but their heartbeat remained strong. This lack of pain allowed for better awareness and communication with those caring for them.

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