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Stunted Adult Syndrome (S.A.S.)

With a growing number of kids returning to the nest, many refusing to take ANY responsibility for themselves, psychologists have been forced to address this serious social issue affecting millions of households.   In a collaboration with the University of Inner Thought, Clockworks University, The Association for Mental Wellness, and Big Bobs Sit n’ Sip (hey, they have great coffee), the brainy-folks have found a solution for the dreaded disease known as SAS.   Stunted Adult Syndrome.   Known in professional circles as ‘Adulting’ or its technical name, generational-retardicus, SAS has become a plague among the Gnome population.    

The Growing Problem

How did a thriving city of 1.5 billion gnomes fall into such disarray? The workforce has suffered, with unemployment growing at a rate of 2% annually—the demographics revealing more than 80% being gnomes under 26 years old.   …and the University statistics are even worse.   Only 7.3% of currently enrolled students are majoring in a subject desired by todays workforce. Instead, students are focused on forcing social compliance through protests and spewing insults, most shockingly at the parents who are paying for their living expenses in the first place.    

The Solution

Speaker, motivator, and author of ‘Don’t Throw Your Kids Away, They’re Worth Saving…I Promise’, Dr. Gitopg Urras has come to the rescue.  
“Admitting that a problem exists is the first part.   Understanding how you got to this point is the second part.   The third part, and this is a crucial one, is to accept responsibility for where you are, who you are and what you’re going to do from this point forward.   All of it.   The last part is fixing the problem.   I do realize this may be an incredible stretch. My guess is that you’ve likely been trained and conditioned to believe that people, situations and other external ‘stuff’ is at fault for who and what you are. That you want something or someone to blame for how you feel and right this emotional injustice you’re now experiencing…but it’s all a lie.   A dirty, sleazy, debilitating lie that keeps you trapped from what you could be. From what you could experience. Heck…what you should experience, and you will experience—as an Adult.   The freedom to build the kind of life you’ve hoped for and if you don’t like how things are around you, to change it.   Think it’s impossible? It’s not.   But you have to own it.”
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is an author & social psychologist with a PhD from Clockworks University, husband, father, grandfather & occasional Bloodsticks player. When he’s not engaged in having arguments with ignorant politicians, acting as a survival flotation device or a master sliver-picker-outer (just ask his grandkids), he’s also a podcaster and avid teacher. With more than 30 books and thousands of articles under his belt, his focus has ever been on the potential of the individual.   Gitoph is best known for his blunt, unconventional and often comical parenting views which he shares with the public through book, blog and podcast.   He lives in District 11 with his wife, Gilian, his organically grown fan club and loves communicating with readers.  


Those who read and apply Dr. Gitoff's teachings to their lives have a 94.2% success rate of becoming a respectable and successful adult.
  Forward in Adulting: RESPECT -- Finding Value in Others

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Amazing! I never know what to expect next.   Amazing stories, amazing art, and side splitting laughter. I think I need a cure!

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Jul 24, 2020 16:13 by Jaime Buckley

That's gnomes for ya!   ...SOOOoooOOOooo much more to come!!

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