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Modrid of Dubail

Commoner. Widower. Head advisor to King Robert III.

Of Lords and Ladies, none have done more for the liberty and justice of the commonwealth than Modrid of Dubail. His heart belonged to the people of his birth, and it showed.   A man who boldly proclaimed what he believed, he became a living example to those around him...and I say he had no equal among advisors to the crown.   My own heart shall always remember Sir Modrid as a moral beacon of light.   At a time when darkness gained a foothold among us, Modrid defied society by fostering individuality and encouraging personal accountability.   I ask you all now to stand and raise your goblet in remembrance of one of the greatest men of this generation…and to the loss of my friend.  
~ King Robert |||

Modrid's Rise

Sir Modrid of Dubail (a small mountain village near the Kraken Steps) was the son of a respected farmer. A farmer who won the favor of his village and eventually earned the right to speak to the King on their behalf.   When war broke upon the land, Modrid labored at the side of his father, Lydric Sr., encouraging his village to support the armies of King Robert III with the surplus of their crops. During the villages first lean winter, Modrid showed a willingness to sacrifice for those in need. Taught in the principles of life, Modrid showed a gift for communication and a balanced view of justice and mercy--instilled early by his father.   In 6683s. Lydric Sr. was called by King Robert III as a spokesman for the people of Dubail. Seeing an opportunity, Lydric respectfully declined. Instead, he offered young Modrid, then only twelve years of age, to the King as a servant.   Modrid welcomed any task given as a challenge, but unlike his father, had a deep understanding of the hearts of men. This single attribute helped him gain the trust and favor of all who led the boy. He became their greatest believer, their greatest champion and in a few short years, was called into the direct service of the King himself. Modrid's feelings for those of lower stations within the kingdom helped shape both his views and his arguments later in life. For Modrid never forgot where he came from, nor took his blessings for granted.   It was from his belief that all men had worth to their Creator and their King that helped Modrid's rise to become a voice for the people.

The Tribulations

Class separated men in society, and those with wealth & title gained undisputed power over others. Modrid's determination to tell the truth regardless of the consequences, and to level the field of privilege caused an uproar among the classes. His dedication in representing both his King and his people through integrity and genuine service never went unnoticed…or unchallenged:  


Soon after his marriage, Modrid's young wife died giving birth to their first child. Modrid was devastated. Taking months to mourn the loss of his love, he shunned all responsibilities to be with his son.   Naming the child Lydric, after his own father, Modrid kept the infant close. Sickly and small, Lydric developed slowly…while the finest of King Robert’s physicians attended to the child's every need. A gesture of kindness Modrid would never forget.   While Lydric remained indoors, gravitating towards books and challenging the finest tutors of the land, Modrid met with commoners from across the kingdom. Solving disputes and engaging in direct negotiations with those of privilege—he quickly earned respect and favor among farmers and merchants.


Though Modrid had the respect and ear of the King, many of the Lords refused to acknowledge his position. Modrid’s attempts to lift commoners out of poverty became a direct threat to the power-base of many Lords of the kingdom. Lip service often given in the presence of the king, turned to venom behind doors, creating a conflict among the ruling classes. Many of the Lords saw Modrid as a direct threat to their birthrights to rule.


Ignorance of a party often became an obstacle to resolution and progress. Modrid was constantly challenged by Lord and commoner alike, each with their specific prejudices. From the Lords his birth and station were always called into question, while the commoners called his loyalty into question for nothing more than the clothes he wore in respect for his station and stewardship representing the king.

Sir Modrid in later years.

Remember my Lords and Ladies, if you wish to gather the love of your people, then know that if you are ever called upon to chasten a person, never chasten beyond the balm you have within you to bind up.
— Sir Modrid
You question my desire to support our king in reaching out to both Evolu and Kutollum and establishing stronger bonds of friendship. Yet I say that in our intercourse with outsiders--do not call them kääpiö or saasta--no, let our example be such that it is worthy of imitation: for it is then that any among them who are honest will say, "These people are a beautiful and virtuous people...I will go and stay with them.
— Sir Modrid
Never give to the idler. To give to the idler is as wicked as anything else.
— Sir Modrid
Lords, I beseech you...preserve your honor, and your integrity, and ever cherish the confidence that men repose in you. Want of confidence is the parent or moral imbecility and intellectual weakness.
— Sir Modrid


67 years old  


6' 1"  


144lbs / 10.07 Stone  


Curly, Dark  


Deep Sea Blue   Modrid has the strength, agility, and stamina of a Human his age who engages in moderate regular exercise. Constant stress and anxiety did cause his health to decline in later years.

Modrid's Legacy

Dates Achievement Title Social Effect
6692s Farmers Brotherhood Created a network of markets through village connections, allowing growers to know where goods can be more readily sold.
6695s Exposed truth behind Red River Massacre Negotiated peace with Lords of Bailish, who were overtaxing villagers. Bandits were raiding villages and stealing tributes set aside for the Lords of the land. Exposing and proving the truth soothed anger, provided financial relief to the poor and dramatically improved loyalty/productivity.
6709s Contractual Agreements with Military Secured agreements with the Kings signature, allowing farmers to be paid a set price for goods acquired by the military. Resources may not be confiscated, only in times of war and when currency is unavailable. The agreement fostered further communications between key villages and military leaders--to create established protocol and reserves for the armies, enabling them to better protect the people of each region.
6715s Common Voice in Council (Law) A representative from each of Andilain's six (6) regions may be present during all matters of state and in the creation of any laws, as a voice of the people. Two common voices now hold the same voting power of a single Lord. This was signed into law by King Robert III. Though there were a few upsets initially among some of the nobility, the law has proved to improve relations between the classes.
6719s The Kings Ear (Law) During the first two calendar days of each season, the King will hear the needs of his people. No state issues or complaints may be brought before the crown during these days reserved for the citizens. This has included issues from the nobility. Any citizen may bring their needs before the King and be heard on these days. NOTE: An amendment was made eight months later, that basic foodstuff will be made available to all citizens attending during these two days, which will be paid for by the crown's treasury.
The value of an individual had been forgotten. Not just by those in authority, but also by the lowliest of citizens, using his poverty as an excuse for behavior.   What set Modrid apart from others of the ruling class, was his focus.   Modrid of Dubail desired all to have equal opportunity to grow as citizens. He encouraged all to give freely of themselves...and to make Andilain a place all races would desire to visit in peace.   Modrid served the crown faithfully for 55 years.   Though his greatest achievement was bridging the gap between the ruling class and those they ruled over, his shining accomplishments have been added to the history books of Andilain.
While on a tour of the country, attempting to rally hearts behind King Roberts efforts to re-establish trade and alliances with the Evolu nation, Modrid was murdered.   Fleeing in a royal carriage (with his son Lydric), it is believed villagers pursued on horseback. Lydric was rescued by soldiers, suffering from stab wounds to his right leg.   Modrid's body was found dashed against a tree, being thrown from the carriage. His body had been stabbed 13 times, his tongue cut from his mouth. The killers were never found.   More than 100,000 citizens attended his funeral at the capital.


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That was so neat! I particularly liked the table but everything is really cool. I love the character that you chose to include for this challenge.

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1. The art is wonderful, seriously well done, I wish to get to your level some day. It is absolutely astounding, and it feels very unique.   2. The quotes paint a very fascinating image of a man. He comes off as a man of very strong internal moral compass, very unafraid to speak his piece regardless of the ones around him.   3.

Modrid's determination to tell level that field of priviledge
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