Cryostone (kryo-stone)

“As one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the modern age, the fact that this material has been mastered by what seems to be a backward (or underdeveloped) people, confuses the rational mind. It is magic without the principles of magic — yet to the average mind — this rare material is truly ‘magical’.   If I were forced to give up the passion for the animal kingdom, and not allowed to study the vast array of life on this planet, I would spend the rest of my days testing and mastering the uses of Cryostone.”   ~ Finley Greenhopper

Understanding the Impossible

It’s important to understand here, that there is only one place we know of where this material is found. The Dragon’s Chasm, home to the most unique and violent ecosphere on our planet, has yet unknown and undiscovered answers for this material's existence. What we do have, are examples of what it does, which we can examine on a daily basis.   Rocks and small mountains, floating through the air, without support or seeming restraint, rotating along the vast chasm, are the first signs. Islands that levitate, fully functional with life upon them, yet remain in their own sphere and orbit. The Carathu people have both studied and adapted their lives to incorporate the Cryostone into their culture, used as a powerful tool to advance their society beyond their neighbors.   In fact, the Carathu have harnessed nature's anomaly in such a way that civilizations now rely on their people to travel across vast distances.    

A Crude Explanation

Without getting into the finer details, which I promise to do in a future paper, Cryostone is a highly reactive material that sends electromagnetic waves into the clodorius of the Dragon’s Chasm – even to the highest peaks of the Sea of Wings.   Cryostone assists the clouds to maintain buoyancy as it charges the formations with energy, generating fearsome storms.   Because of the high-strength electromagnetism of the Cryostone, the Dragon’s Chasm is rife with floating rocks and islands, levitating on Cryostone ‘pulses’. Though this is still being tested, we have discovered that this is a unique form of magnetism, only affecting other Cryostone’s.    

Facts to Date

  • Size greatly varies while maintaining its effects. Small pebbles have been collected and utilized, while large islands drift through the sky, riding on vast deposits within its soil.
  • Cryo = Cold …we have named the material Cryostone because the material stays a consistent temperature between 20-30 degrees.
  • Absorption of heat seems to be the process whereby the Cryostone creates its electromagnetic pulses. This makes the Dragon’s Chasm the perfect environment, its basic foundation layered with volcanic vents, providing unlimited fuel.
  • Continual storms rage throughout the chasm. Volcanic vents fuel the Cryostone, the heat transforms into electromagnetic pulses, and the electromagnetism is then released in the form of lightning.

Future Hopes

There is no limit to what Cryostone could be used for in our work here on Pinwheel. Gratefully we have established a developing trust and friendship with the Carathu and the good people of Three Finger Ridge. My hope, at this point, is to see if this material can enhance our current equipment and allow us to study this environment more efficiently…and safely.


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19 Jul, 2022 23:04

Oooo Floating islands! Nice explanation there!

19 Jul, 2022 23:13

I cannot take credit here, nor is this information remotely complete. This is the full creation of my son, Simon. He is my 15yr old genius, science nerd, and lover of all things Wanted Hero.   He is, in fact, the actual character, "Finley Greenhopper".   This meager offering was derived from my son's paltry notes, because I couldn't get him to write the entry.

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19 Jul, 2022 23:18

Well, let him know that he had me at the floating islands and a nod to how the physics would work in this world! Just SO love it! :D

23 Jul, 2022 14:43

One of the best things about this idea is the plot potential of having a valuable resource only available in a high-risk environment.

23 Jul, 2022 18:52

Exactly. That was one of the main considerations by my son. =)

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