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    Yinit Squadron

    Some Problems Should Not be Ignored

    Morjakk for "a hidden problem prone to causing problems at inopportune times if left unrecognized," the Yinit Squadron was skilled in tactics of distraction and delay, tying up small units of opposing forces to allow the Grand Armada more time to organize a larger response.



    As is standard with Mordena Squadrons, the Yinit Squadron contained ten Blades and their Blade Dancers, split into three flights of three plus an independent Fish.


    The Yinit Squadron was led by Lieutenant Alyssa Gerwick, a talented veteran with the Grand Armada bound within a Blade, paired with the impulsive Chief Cal Barthik as her Dancer.


    The Yinits were skilled at ambush and delay tactics, slowing opposing forces until a larger force from the Grand Armada could arrive and clean up the remains. As such the unit was accustomed to missions with heavy casualties, although this was by no means the preferred outcome. Dancers and Blades within the Yinits learned to utilize anything and everything within the field of battle to surprise their opponents and slow their own demise.   The entire unit was lost in an encounter with the VTD Eternal Covenant, although not before delaying the solo Hydell Order carrier long enough to allow for its capture by the Mordena. Lieutenant Alyssa Gerwick announced her retirement to The Afterlife after her death in the encounter, fracturing the squadron. Half the Yinits decided to join the newly formed Budokkit Squadron, merging with the newly converted members of the Order's Dauntless Squadron under former Officer of the Hydell Order Max Coilin and Chief Cal Barthik, reincarnated as a Blade.
    Lieutenant Alyssa Gerwick
    Former Members
    Overall training Level
    Assumed Veterancy

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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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    16 Dec, 2021 00:08

    I love the translation of the squadron name! XD

    16 Dec, 2021 00:10

    It's also the name of the little white toothy creatures which tore up Shane's backpack at their first landing site on Janikk.

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