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    Cal Barthik

    Lieutenant Cal Barthik (he/him)

    Formerly a dracoling fighter pilot, Cal now serves as an Afterlife Intelligence bound within a Blade. This was a request made upon the death of his entire Squadron in an ill-fated battle with the Hydell Order, and his fighter AI, Lieutenant Alyssa Gerwick, subsequently deciding to pass into Afterlife.   Cal has not regretted the decision, his current duties including not only leading his own Wing with his copilot Commander Max Coilin, but also serving to carry new potential Mordena recruits to Janikk for their initiation. He is frequently sidetracked from these duties, choosing to show off by playing within fields of obstacles both in space and planetside, much to the delight of his temporary charges.

    Physical Description

    General Physical Condition

    Cal is a Blade, a slick black organic fighter commonly used by the Mordena. The craft contains just enough of his genetic material to count as a Reconstruction Clone, and not a drop more. His particular model was designed to function well both within and outside of atmosphere, and so as a result he possesses a pair of razored edge wings and a full tail fin.

    Identifying Characteristics

    The leading edges of Cal's wings and tail bear a thick red stripe, denoting him as a Wing Commander.

    Special abilities

    As is standard within the Grand Armada of the Mordena, Cal is quite skilled at Shielding Magic and Apotheturgy. He also retains the natural Anemancy he knew as a dracoling, including more advanced air manipulation skills.   Within his role as a pilot Cal also learned Psychometry, which he uses to great effect predicting the movements of allies and foes alike. He also possesses a basic understanding of Illusion Magic, allowing him to mask his own motions in short bursts to line up the perfect shot.

    Specialized Equipment

    While Cal does not possess knowledge of offensive magics, his Blade body contains the necessary Runework to allow the use of Electromancy with his main cannons. He has also been modified from the standard configuration to allow the use of his Psychometry to overwhelm opponents with his own emotions, if desired.

    Personality Characteristics


    Cal just wants to have fun. Fortunately for his teammates and the Mordena that fun includes working together with those he trusts to further their goals and interests. They have learned not to expect him to remain professional when doing so, if Cal identifies a method to add fun without jeopardizing their goals.

    Likes & Dislikes

    Cal dislikes the indoors, preferring to spend his time in the open where he can stretch his wings and show off his skills. While well adapted to atmospheric flight, the cold Void of space is Cal's true element. When traveling without his Wing he has even been known to delay arrival in favor of a little fun and more time spent in space.


    Contacts & Relations

    While flighty and easily distracted when not under immediate threat, in combat situations Cal is a valuable asset and ally. He is teamed with Commander Max Coilin, his pilot, the two forming a close bond allowing them to function almost as a single entity.
    Known Magic
    Illusion Magic
    Shielding Magic
    Budokkit "Doubtful" Squadron (Lead Blade)
    Max Coilin
    Blade (Former)
    Lieutenant Alyssa Gerwick, retd., dcsd.
    Currently Boarded Vehicle
    Presented Sex
    male (hologram)
    none (Blade)
    Gender Identity
    Cal was a male dracoling in his previous life, and while Blades themselves are genderless Cal prefers the familiarity of male pronouns. He does not object when referred to as a "they," but may correct the speaker when anticipating longer interactions.
    cropped black
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    red scaled skin
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    There's nothing quite like the cold comfort of space.
    — Cal
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations

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    Cover image: Planet Moon Solar by LoganArt
    Character Portrait image: by tjtrewin


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