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All of you are here today because you want to be the best of the best. You think you're something special, you're the most fartastical pilot you've ever met, but that streak ended the moment you stepped through that door. From here on out you will listen, you will learn, and you will keep that ego in check until you've earned it back!   A word of advice, for those of you looking to excel in your new career. Listen to your Lead, follow the chain of command... But for the love of everything you believe in, listen to your Fish. Get inside their head. Learn to think like them. If you really want to be the best you need to fine tune your intuition until you just know how to read the starfield... and only a Fish can teach you that.
— Instructor to new Mordena pilots
  The title Fish is awarded to the tenth member of a Mordena Squadron. They serve as a wildcard when the squadron splits into wings, reporting to the Squadron Lead but otherwise remaining separate from any official wing assignments.   The designation is unique to the Mordena, one of their many adaptations developed during the rise to the military might they hold today. The exact role of Fish remains a military secret to outsiders, although the title itself is well known and recognized. Most assume Fish to be a quirky honorary title awarded as part of a mentorship program for new Leads, as most Fish served as Lead prior to their elevation to the new role. Very few recognize the term as an abridged call sign for a red herring.


Fish could serve as the fourth member of any of the three-pilot flights within their Squadron, or may fly stealthily solo to complete an objective while the rest of their squadron serves as a distraction. Their official role varies depending upon the mission, and while their tasks are usually determined during the planning phase of engagements they must always be prepared to change roles at a moment's notice.   When flying in parade formation, Fish holds the position at the center of the triangle. When engaged in unexpected combat the Fish is officially attached to their Lead's flight as a fourth unless given other orders, but they are free to adjust their position as needed to best suit the group.


Successful Fish must remain mentally and physically agile, with an innate sense of the battlefield. Most also develop skills at reading people, inside and outside the cockpit, as a means to look ahead at possible scenarios to find their best possible use in the present situation.   By necessity the Fish does not formally hold any responsibilities within their Squadron aside from any directly assigned by their Lead, allowing them to retain their entire focus upon adapting to best meet the needs of their squad. Most squadrons, however, recognize their Fish as an unofficial second in command. The role requires skill and experience, and a wise team values the insights this mindset brings to the table.


Fish hold a unique position within their Squadron. As the most experienced member of their crew, and with their official task to adapt to battlefield conditions, it is expected for the Fish to override their Lead if dictated by the situation. The trust held between Lead and Fish dictates the morale and discipline of the entire squadron. Fish who abuse that trust or their role, or Leads who fail to acknowledge or utilize the insights and experience of their Fish, do not remain in their position for long.
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