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    Yaevin Family

    Recognized as skillful but largely unnecessary diplomats and mediators, the Yaevin Family's support from both the Selkirk and Valcore Families hint at a deeper secret.

    Public Agenda

    Publicly, the Yaevins advocate for diplomatic solutions to internal struggles within the Sparnell Confederation, particularly between the many Political Families but also with newly conquered planets. This runs against the backhanded dealings, blackmail, and political maneuvering typically utilized within the Confederation, but the Valcore and Selkirk Families' open and public support of the otherwise mid-tier-at-best Yaevins has led to their inclusion as mediators in most interorganizational conflict meetings across the Confederation.   The Sparnell Armed Forces hold no particular regard for the Yaevins upon conscription, squeezing them into an assortment of minor roles scattered across the fleet or assigning them to more civilian endeavors, although Vice Admiral Selkirk Tallinah has personally been known to personally request them upon occasion to fulfill odd jobs for Sparnell Central Intelligence. The Family's voiced opinions on peaceful negotiation over bloodshed generally precludes them from the more prized roles within the SAF.

    Might in Diplomacy

    Political, Family
    Related Species
    Related Ethnicities
    Known for
    Patronage by the Valcore and Selkirk Families despite their humble standing

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