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The spell Soul Shatter, once banned in the ancient days of Fillimet, is capable of shattering the target's soul into fragments. This is the most common cause of shattering, although specifically crafted weapons known as Void Blades have also been uses to Shatter souls, on rare occasions.   In a universe accustomed to resurrection and Necromancy, the shattering of a soul has been deemed acceptably in many societies - particularly the more Militant ones - as the only way to ensure an enemy cannot return.   Once an individual has been Shattered, both resurrection and an existence in the Afterlife are impossible.  


There is no known recovery from a successful Soul Shatter spell. Nothing can be done to heal the broken pieces.   In rare cases, an attack may cause damage to the target's soul, but fail to fully Shatter them. This is more likely when using a Void blade, but can also happen when the spellcaster is inexperienced, overhesitant, or intentionally casts a weakened form of the spell. In these cases, the fractures will remain but the individual will survive, provided they are careful to avoid further damage.  

Further Repercussions

Rumors and myths also tell of repercussions to the caster when certain criteria are met. It is said that if the Shatter spell is cast at the same time as another spell, and that spell is of an invasive nature - such as Telepathy or a Soul Oath - a shard of the Shattered individual's soul may embed itself in the caster and fight for control of its new host.   No formal study has been made of these tails to ascertain their accuracy, with most necromancers dismissing then as fear mongering to discourage the use of their more powerful offensive spell, but the rumors persist enough to cause hesitation.
Affected Species
Soul Shatter

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