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Hoffigar Family

The fae of the large and well-established Hoffigar Family spread their presence across the Confederation, offering their Curative Magic and culinary strengths to their communities. Their tendency to assist their neighbors has earned them a reputation as gullible but harmless, and while they lack clout among Family politics their members tend to find themselves welcomed wherever they choose to settle.


The Hoffigars, while not model Sparnelli, take great pride in being good neighbors and bringing what light they can to the communities in which they reside. This certainly hasn't earned them any favors with Confederation leadership, but it has placed them at the center of their own circles of influence with friends who share their morals and priorities. It has also allowed the Hoffigars a place in many underground currents running against the Confederation's more public priorities.

Public Agenda

Publicly, the Hoffigars support the furtherance of Curative Magic techniques, and many an advancement in the science has their Family name in its list of credits, elevating the Family beyond the lower, unappreciated standing typically afforded healers. This has also allowed the Hoffigars the prestige required to ensure the small concessions they require to maintain a simple but satisfying life with their cooking and socializing upon completion of their Conscription requirements.   While rumors abound of the Family possessing innate skills in Psychometry, and even Psychomorphation, these remain unsubstantiated and therefore hold little sway over the Family's standings.

Hoffigar Family Tree

Restoring Honor

Known for
Curative Magic
Psychometry (rumor)
Psychomorphation (rumor)
Political, Family
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World Ember 2023

World Ember 2023

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