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A powerful and often closely-regulated profession, psychic therapists rely upon their skills in Psychomorphation to slowly adjust their patients' reactions, memories, and minds. Successful practitioners require great patience, both due to the limitations of Psychomorphation and the high likelihood of causing further damage when making large adjustments too quickly.  


Psychic therapists must be expert practitioners of Psychometry and Psychomorphation. Applying these skills on a patient, much less a patient requiring psychic therapy also requires patience and strong interpersonal skills, to build the necessary trust levels and guide the patient into the needed conversations and thought processes.  

Treatable Conditions

Most patients seeking this form of therapy have exhausted all other avenues of potential treatments before resorting to literal mental manipulation. Psychic therapy is most successful on patients wishing to alter their reactions to certain stimuli, which have proven to interfere with their life to an overwhelming degree. Post-traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive tendencies, and addictions have proven the most successful targets of psychic therapies. Behavioral tics caused by physical disorders, such as neurological diseases, are immune to the effects of Psychomorphation due to their origination in the nerves rather than the mind of the patient, and thus cannot be treated through mental-based therapies.  


Because psychic therapy is built upon the intention to fundamentally alter aspects of the patient's personality and decision making processes, many planets have implemented stringent requirements upon professional psychic therapists, for the safety of all involved. This sometimes includes bans on using Psychomorphation to treat certain kinds of disorders, to prevent abuse through intentional misdiagnosis and subsequent false treatment.
Alternative Names
Trauma Therapist
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