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Delilah Ponkatto

First Warden of the Hydell Order Delilah Ponkatto

A simple woman from a nondescript agricultural planet within the Hydell Order, Delilah Ponkatto would have remained largely unnoticed by history if not for her invention of Neuromancy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Delilah's mother was a canid seamstress, while her katanoj father served a career in the Militant Order of Descendants, a fervent devotee of the Natural Order determined to do his part to prepare his family and his faction for the Final Ascension. They lived simple, happy lives, eking out a living on an agricultural world deep in Hydell Order space.   Delilah was their youngest daughter. She got along well with her older siblings - two sisters and one brother - and fought constantly with her younger brother, with the usual fervor of competitive siblings. Her mother taught her Fibramancy to assist with her work, while her father brought home tales of the marvels of the universe each time his leave brought him back home.   It was with this collection of hopes, skills, and adventure that she set out to build her own career as a Militant medic once she came of age.

Accomplishments & Achievements

During her service as a field medic, Delilah invented Neuromancy, a field of Curative Magic born of necessity and a stubborn quest for survival.   She quickly gained fame for her creative use of Fibramancy in the field, stitching up open wounds and allowing wounded members of her unit to quickly return to the field during battle, rather than waiting for the slower-acting and higher-Imperium use of Curative Magic to re-stitch broken skin. Her patients could then be treated with more permanent healing later, to fully close the wounds.   In a particularly bloody conflict against the Sparnell Armed Forces, Delilah's unit found themselves surrounded and cut off from the rest of their forces. They'd already taken heavy fire and only Delilah herself remained uninjured, due to her unit's fierce loyalty and willingness to put themselves in harm's way to protect their beloved medic.   When their commanding officer took a severe injury to the head, the remainder of her unit split themselves in two in one last ditch effort. The first group would flee with Delilah, defending her with their last breath, while the other gave everything they had to cover the retreat.   Delilah refused, insisting that they'd all survive if they only stuck together. And with that, she set to work on their superior's brain injury.   Over the next two hours they covered her position while she worked, stretching her Curative Magic to its limits as she knit together muscle and tissue and bone and skin. Aware of the dangers of cranial neuropathy, Delilah paid particular attention to the damaged and in some cases severed nerves, carefully adjusting and in some cases realigning them with her Fibramancy before applying Curative Magic.   Her success in his treatment is often also credited with the Militant's victory in the battle. The morale impact alone on her cornered unit when their commanding officer emerged from unconsciousness and began giving orders again resulted in the spirited surge of her unit back into battle, routing the Confederation from the battlefield as the remaining Militants joined into the fray.   Today, Neuromancy is a highly-specialized branch of Curative Magic used by specialists across Vazdimet in treatment of a variety of nerve-based ailments and injuries.

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