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The Lands of the Middling Elves

The Parasquen were once the undisputed masters of the Orridental, but those days are long past, and these ash skinned elves are now content to live on their heartland's coast - having little, if any, centralized control over the rest of their country. It is perhaps better to call Parasquenisya - or, the Lands of the Middling Elves - a collection of city-states rather than one, cohesive nation. The days of conquest and power are long gone, but these elves should not be underestimated: a hardy blood runs through their veins. And if any should attack, they will find the Alborz mountains standing in their way.

The Parasquen do not have the technical talent of the Naharaim, nor the strength of the Altaic, nor do they have the extraordinary affinity to magic that the Yan have. But they do have all of these talents in middling amounts, and, more importantly, they are a united people. There have been few, if any, cases of civil disruption in the history of the Parasquen. Even in the dissolution of the empire, there was little unrest among the people or the nobility. This time of peace is agreed upon by all the great cities, and one only hopes it stays that way, for the Masked Parasquen were a terrible force to be reckoned with.



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