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Xocamakche is an Inkali magocracy from the water world of Inkala in the Caer'Thunian System. They were one of the signatories of The Solstice Pact, offering the assistance of their formidable mages to the Fomorian Powers in the First Interstellar War (IW1). While their personnel were active in assisting the Pact, they did not muster their own ships against the Avalonian forces. Instead, they provided intelligence, and the occasional mage to boost firepower and to Pilot.   The addition of the Inkali to the Pact made the Fomorian forces of the Caer'Thunian System into a near-impossible nut for the Avalonian Imperial Navy to crack. Even when the momentum of the conflict swung the Avalonian way as the war began to wind down, the Avalonians barely managed to maintain a toehold in the system.   While the Inkali, too, had a history of conflict against the elves, creating a cultural antipathy that was not improved by the Inkali love of elven flesh as a delicacy, they are a pragmatic people. The Admiralty of the Avalonian Navy managed to convince the Grand Council of the Inkali to withdraw from the Pact before the war's end, in return for permitting them to keep their starfaring arcanology.   At present, neither Fomorians nor Avalonians have much to do with the Inkali -- and they like it that way.  
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Masters of Two Oceans

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