Land of the Dead

Not all souls come here after death, only those who can't move on but don't have enough left to hold onto on their original Plane to haunt it. This plane also gathers energies of death that drifts across the land and tries to such life out of the living who seek this place out.   The barren landscape here has a light mist that lies over the ground. The wind can be heard but rarely felt in the cold air. While there are forests, the trees there are all dead and withered. The spirits might not always be around, but they fill the atmosphere with a constant feeling of being watched while alone.   There is civilisation here, but it consists almost exclusively of the undead. The living usually don't 't last long. Those who do stay usually mange by seeking undeath themselves.


Most of the plane consists of hills interrupted by jagged rock formations. There are no landmarks visible long enough to help someone orient themselves without being familiar with the landscape. The few settlements here are hidden in crevices in the mountains.

Fauna & Flora

There are no living plants or animals in the Land of the Dead. But there are undead versions of both, and there are creatures who are the result of energies of death. Some plants are dead bodies that partially reanimate. Some animals are spirits taking form to drain the life out of others.
Alternative Name(s)
Dimensional plane
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