The Worlds


This world is one big machine, eternally and mercilessly grinding through time. Some claim that it's the engine that allows all of reality to function, others that it uses up all forces as fuel. Maybe both are true. All we know is that Artifice is constantly rebuilding itself into... something.  


The lands of the fey are fairytales incarnate. Everywhere, danger hides in the most fantastical forms. This is the home of many tales from folklore, but don't be fooled by the bright colours — this is one of the most treacherous places one can visit.  


Hell. Different cultures have known this realm by different names, but the basics remain the same. It is home to the fallen angels — demons as well as other enteties filled with hatred for everything. The very ream is a manifestation of the loathing towards an inferior reality.  


Heaven. The Elohim are close to what many would call angels, though their outlook might be slightly different. Keter is well guarded and paradise can seem quite imposing.  

Land of the Dead

Some dead have nowhere else to go and end up here. Others are caught up in an undead existence and feel drawn here. It is a place of dread, death, and horror.  


This is a world of pure lust and desire. The realm itself is made from living flesh that exists only to indulge, influencing others to do the same. Those who completely give up their sense of self become part of the living realm.  

The Void

Absolute nothingness. The Void is a maelstrom or reality, a black hole pulling everything in towards its complete destruction. Few seek this world out, but some live on the edge of this oblivion because everywhere else has something out for them.  

Writhing Depths

Have you ever had a nightmare about what strange things might lurk under the surface of the ocean? This realm is home to all the worst things you could have imagined. The murky waters hide terrors and treasures.


Known as the Material Plane, or by the planet that is its focus point: Earth. As far as almost any human knows, this is all there is. Some have faith that there are worlds for the dead, and some hold beliefs that come close to the truth, but they don't know. Even for those who are aware, the Foundation is the home base for most humans.  

Astral Plane

Sometimes, this plane is thought of as being in-between others similar to the Thicket, but it is more like a realm between minds than one between worlds. Dreamers form their microcosms here and what begins in their minds sometimes travel the webs through the mist.  

Ethereal Plane

The Ethereal is the bleak shadow of the material plane, the Foundation, not so much a world in itself. What's on the Ethereal isn't seen but hinted at and always just out of reach.  


Many tiny worlds orbit the others in complex patterns. Their positions might influence tendencies on a larger scale, but they are also subject to the whims of the energies they fly through. For example, there is a micro-realm for each planet and signs of astrology, more accurately representing the forces than the material objects they are named after. Some powerful beings have created their own micro-realms. Some locations known to appear and disappear on other worlds are micro-realms that briefly intersect with somewhere.


  • Multiverse
    One of many portrayals of what the worlds might be represented as.
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