These angels have a very specific view of how the world works and how it came to be. They aren't trying to convince others to adopt the same view, as they consider it to just be the truth and it doesn't matter what others believe. The world, they say, is a Symphony. Every particle, every movement, and every thought are melodies shifting and playing in harmony. God created this Symphony and then the angels as instruments to aid in its performance. Humans are the ultimate conductors and the reason why the Symphony exists. The corruption of humanity is the reason the Thicket has grown and threaten to engulf all of reality. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to root out this corruption and destroy it.   When humanity had developed to a stage where it could actively choose to commit selfless or selfish deeds instead of relying on instincts, they are declared the most important part of the Symphony by God. Some of the angels, led by an Archangel named Lucifer, demanded to know why weak primates were more important than them. They had been faithful servants for thousands of years or more, after all. Eventually, Lucifer killed Metatron - the voice of God. Since then, the alleged Creator hasn't been able to communicate in any way but occasional vague signs.


Major language groups and dialects

The Angelic Tongue is a language that consists only of music emanating from the speaker. It can be understood perfectly by anyone who listens without any risk of misunderstanding. But it is also impossible to lie to hide information in it.

Common Taboos

Being selfless is key to the Elohim, but what that means differ a lot amongst them. Some try to take care of those around them, others are prepared to sacrifice anyone for a perceived greater good. They all have hooks in them that cause the Instrument of the Symphony to play in disharmony if pulled too far from what they should be. Different Elohim have different such hooks.
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
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