When people think of hell - this is normally what they think of. At the centre is a large gate that acts as a portal that sucks ni the unwary to even dead souls who can't get anywhere else. The Infernals native to this realm quickly try to enslave anyone of these unfortunates as soon as they can. Slaves are also one of the most important parts of the economy of Inferno, making this a very lucrative way of getting ahead.   Surrounding the Gates is a the city of Hades which is rampant with destruction and forced labour to reconstruct it. As such, the architecture is filled with ancient ruins alongside destroyed modern skyscrapers.   Further out is the great volcano of Inferno, from which rivers of lava pour across the realm. From the other direction flows the river Styx in various branches. Which one is more dangerous is a matter of debate. There are also several smaller rivers that mostly extend from Hades out to chasms in the ground. They are the lifeblood of reality itself along with any executed individuals. The thick, red liquid won't coagulate but instead flows slowly across the landscape.   The rest of the plane is a blasted wasteland under an orange sky with no sun and no moon, only a vague foreboding light.


There are four main types of landscapes in Inferno. There are the blasted settlements, mostly exemplified by Hades. These are often built using the scraps of what was there before. When they aren't ruins, they are built from ruins with pieces to keep the new structure in place. The next kind of location is the mountains. There craigs rise like fangs from the ground as if they were trying to rip the very sky. Every mountain exudes aggression in one way or another, be it from volcanic activity or dangerous beasts.   The third kind of landscape is a dry wasteland harrowed by unrelenting winds. The sandstorms might be sand, or tiny creatures trying to eat whatever is in their way. Or a myriad of other things. Surviving here is hard if you don't know how to find food or water without either killing you first.   The final type of landscape is actually quite different. There are bogs of acidic water feeding what looks like dying trees. The very nature of these waters is to try to lure anyone nearby into them. Some believe each bog is one gigantic creature that uses mind-control to feed.

Fauna & Flora

What will kill you in Inferno is almost directly inversely proportional to how dangerous it looks. There are giant sandworms that can fight you, but once you kill them they are quite tasty. The water of Styx might drain your memories and sense of self, or have other dangerous effects, even if you just stay in contact with it.   The things fed to outsiders might seem disgusting, but at least it's safe unless they have a reason to kill you.

Natural Resources

There is no end to the energy released by this plane. The threat to its infrastructure and people isn't the lack of materials. and with all the slave labour available, it isn't that either. The danger lies in that the plane itself is trying to break those living here like they try to break outsiders.


Only the worst people seek out Inferno voluntarily. But if you seek to buy a truly broken soul as a slave, this might be for you. And even then, you're more likely to just be the next person chained up and abused.
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