You've heard various fairy-tales, right? But have you heard the old ones? The fey kidnap children, lure those they can to their death and take joy in destroying someone's life. The Fey don't consider themselves cruel in the same way a child plucking the wings off of a fly doesn't consider themselves cruel. They are just having fun, and if it costs someone else's life or sanity, that doesn't matter.   The land of Fairie is colourful. Much too colourful. Everything here is as if seek through a fever dream or a bad LSD trip. Towns have tall buildings that literally extends past the clouds. And the water fountain might be alive and try to down outsiders. The wilderness is even worse as it is filled with trickster entities or those who want to kill and/or eat careless travellers. The sky is filled with sunset colours, or some other constant position depending on who rules the area.   Everything here is bound only by agreements made. Anything can be part of a deal on this plane. It is possible to trade your most treasured memory in return for a large river to let you pass. Since such deals are powerful, no one gives their word lightly, and when they do give it, they try to get the upper hand.


Faerie has a very varied geography. Every kind of climate and terrain exists here, except anything in moderation. Mountains are impossibly tall and rugged. Swamps are actively trying to swallow anyone nearby. Winter is cold enough to freeze someone to ice. It continues like this, with every place being a more pronounced version of itself. The grass is grassier; the water is wetter, and so on. There is no such thing as an over-exaggeration when describing the land of Faerie.   Living in this kind of world isn't as pleasant as it might seem. The Fey commonly enslave others, and the grim life of such a position is also exaggerated. Impulses are the guiding principles. And when more powerful beings might change their mind at any second to follow a desire for food, sex, violence, or something else - that life is dangerous.

Fauna & Flora

Not everything in Farie is out to kill you, but anything might be. For instance, food might be poisonous, able to control your mind or lock you in so that you're unable to leave an area. The grass might try to pull you down and cut you with its thousands of blades. The nice alley cat might want to be picked up so that it can eat its way into your chest.   Dor most things, there is a way to protect yourself. Sprinkled salt, running water, and cold iron are all classical components. But it might be that a specific ritual is required. Knowing what might protect against what is hard and often requires years of experience or study.


Visiting Faerie is usually avoided by those who know enough. The dangers of what the Fey might do are all too great. But some are lured here by the siren song (sometimes literally) of wealth and beauty. Enough return to lure more people in.   The very powerful who visit only do so if they can make a good deal with the realm's Fey.


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