"Yeah, but-" Sable said, "it's for the bright future of our clan."

The ambitious leader of the Linden Clan. He has a bit of a temper, but generally is an affable tank. His main goal is to make his clan a respectable force and expand its territories. If this is just a wish to prove wrong the former members and leader who left him and the other less "elitist" (according to him) members to die, or if he has greater ambitions beyond that is not known.   His approach to leading his clan is very hands-on; he participates in the battles himself and tries to keep a good communication with the members. (Even though when the feedback he asks for is negative, he tends to take it personally.) He treats all clan members with respect and wants them to improve their skills. Sometimes he gets too pushy about it and for example orders an overly demanding training regimen, but his favorite officer Kimber can usually persuade him to mellow out a bit whenever that happens.


Some tanks become the leader of a clan by founding it, others seize the position of power. Sable is a Hellcat who always knew that he wanted to lead his very own clan someday, but the circumstances that led to this leadership dream coming true were not as straightforward as most others. He became leader of the aspiring Linden Clan when half of its previous members left for greener pastures - but only after the new leader who had been chosen from the remaining members tragically passed away when she got struck by a power pole five days into her rule.   Normally the first officer, who had also been chosen from the other members, would have become the next leader in that case, but Kimber declined. Sable saw his chance and volunteered himself. Both tanks and the rest of the members were happy with this development and Sable has been the leader since. He managed to recruit new members and build a decent force in the meantime. While the clan is still small, Sable has ambitious plans to expand it and its territory further in the future.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Aligned Organization
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