"Kimber! Come here," he called.

The first officer of the Linden Clan, a Sherman who is always eager to carry out this duty to the best of his ability. Occasionally, he overshoots the mark or has little mishaps, but overall, his leader Sable is satisfied with him and his work.   His tasks include the administrative tasks and treasury of the clan, as well as anything else Sable asks him to do - these extra tasks range from important duties like maintaining diplomacy with other clans to little conveniences like fetching objects from the other side of the camp. Kimber is always diligent in carrying out these jobs and tries to make up for it when he messes something up by being clumsy.  
Luckily, sneaking around behind the enemy lines was something Sable enjoyed doing anyway. Hunting down an arty was of course always much safer when at least two tanks did it, so he had brought his trusted officer Kimber with him.   Not that Kimber was a particularly sneaky tank - the tall silhouette of his Sherman frame and a generally blundering attitude were definitely hindrances in such operations. But he could take a few hits and that made him useful as a meat shield whenever he got discovered first.
— excerpt from "Impossible Mission"
  Some of the other clan members like to gossip that Kimber is a bit too eager to follow his leader's every command. On the quiet, they like to claim that he has a sort of unrequited crush, whether he realizes it himself or not. Everyone agrees however that he is doing a pretty good job at being the officer.
Medium Tanks
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Linden Clan
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