"Oh trust me, you'll all reap what you sowed. Your dues will be paid thousandfold."

A bitter SPG who lost everything and knows no remorse anymore. He conceives an abhorrence for the other classes. While his desire for revenge is not an ungrounded one, his idea of redemption is exceedingly excessive. Simply put, he wishes death and misery upon all tanks.   Contrary to what many of his kin are trying to assert, he is a proponent of the belief that tanks and artillery are separate from each other and can never be equals. His take on the theory is simply one maimed beyond recognition.   Ethics and moral mean nothing to him. However, his crusade doesn't bring him joy; he sees it as a grim, but absolutely necessary duty. If anything, he feels nothing but disgust for those he kills. Tolerating tanks around him is incredibly difficult for him, as the notion of working together with the ones he hates makes him feel dirty; sometimes he has to do it, but it's usually just a question of time until he snaps anyway and goes on a rampage, if he isn't kicked first.

Physical Description

Body Features

Faded white winter camo.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lived through the Purge. He did not take it well.   After Scarlett disposes of her least favorite team mate, the Rainmakers find Blight after a battle. Scarlett takes an instant liking to him, and offers him to join them, which he does.

Morality & Philosophy

He hates and looks down on all other classes. Fantasizes about a future where all "scum" is either subdued or culled.



Barely has anything but frowns to spare for others - in varying shades of disgust. Even when talking to fellow artillery, his expression doesn't brighten up beyond a weary stare.


Raspy, deep voice. Soft-spoken - his voice is quiet and monotone most of the time.

Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
The Rainmakers
Known Languages
German, English


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