Yeah, they'll try to blow you up and shatter the very earth you're standing on, but they don't mean nothing by it. Good folk, other than that
Wretchlings are species of creature not native to Tairos. In fact, where exactly they originally hail form is a mystery even to themselves. The bulk of their number can be found in the blackness of the void above, skuttling about derelict wrecks drifting from star to star or burrowing through dead worlds or distant planes in their labyrinthian warrens. They are masterful scavengers, esoteric traders, and inventors with a penchant for explosions... and the only loyalties they know is to themselves.

The Golden Omen

Many have come to the conclusion that the Wretchlings don't care where they came from but that's not true at all. They love to argue about it ceaselessly as a matter of fact, they just all agree that it doesn't have much bearing on their day to day existence. Some think they came from one of the many worlds that once danced around a star. Others think they were born in one of the numberless planes of reality that exists just beyond our own. Their are even some that claim they were sculpted by the hand of a god or churned out by a great machine. A rare few even lay claim to an origin from the distant past or a future that has yet to come. Arguing about it is really just good fun for the Wretchlings, they love debate and the opportunity to browbeat someone into seeing their point of view. What does matter though is the Golden Omen.
They know that wherever they originated from... it was destroyed. And they couldn't be more thrilled about it.   They call the event the Golden Omen, an explosion engineered by their ancestors that was so grand in scale that it incinerated their homeworld, or plane. Not only was it said to be destructive beyond comprehension but it also gave birth to a "god" of sorts that they worship to this day. That god is the Golden Omen, and it's more a sentient force of nature than a true being, at least in the eyes of scholars that study such fancy. The Wretchlings believe that this fabled explosion; which destroyed their home, now guides their destiny and acts as source of good fortune. They pray to it, they organize worship around it, they sacrifice to it, but most importantly they try to emulate it. Worship of the Golden Omen is generally done in the form of a catastrophe, ideally a golden one but anything will do.
Today, this dreadful species plies the stars aboard their strange crafts, seeking new and better explosives. And, new realms to dedicate to their god of conflagration. Most of the vessels they sail the void upon are little more than massive warheads housing both incredible explosive power and cultish clan of Wretchlings. Some such cults have made alliances with other powers such as the Drekh while others operate of their own accord. Even where alliances do exist they are short-lived at best, for the zeal of the Wretchlings is a well-known thing. They are constantly seeking a means to honor the Golden Omen and no peace can ever take precedent over that.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

One notable trait of the Wretchlings is their oils. The glades in their tails product a prodigious amount of foul-smelling oil that is so potent it can debilitate other species. It is also a means of conveying simple messages to each other via pheromone. These glades, while largest in the tail, are found all of their bodies as well. The end result is that Wretchling fur is often slick with greasy oil.

Genetics and Reproduction

Wretchlings reproduce via sexual intercourse and traditional mammalian gestation. Wretchlings are typically birthed in litters of 3-12 and emerge from the womb no bigger than the palm of their mother's hand. The survival rate for these pups is relatively low thanks to the rather crude conditions they arrive unto but they do mature rather quickly.   As Wretchling science develops in non-explosive areas, more and more couples are preferring to use facilities called "Slurry Mills". The couple will rent a vat, contribute their genetic ingredients, and let the Slurry Masters raise them a clutch of pups without having to endure the hardships of pregnancy. They pay for these services either with gold or explosives. While the fatality rate isn't as high as it is for natural born Wretchling pups, there is a considerable danger for mutation or deformity. Wretchlings are very accepting of such physical variations though and rarely hold any stigma against them. Mostly because if a deformity is an issue it will be lopped off and replaced with a crude mechanical prosthetic.

Growth Rate & Stages

Wretchlings are rather helpless when first born but within a few days of their birth they typically are capable of seeing and smelling their way around. Adulthood is generally reached within a year of their birth. Most Wretchlings have short lifespans thanks to their worship of the Golden Omen, however, those not dedicated to such self-destructive ends can live upwards of 80 to 90 years.   Slurry Masters are often able to speed up this development for the right donations. The chemicals they can add to their vats or sell to parents of natural-born pups are rife with potential for mutation though

Ecology and Habitats

They prefer dark and rather confined places. Open areas make them nervous and natural light is uncomfortable for their specialized eyes.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Wretchlings have resilient guts and gnashing teeth that are quickly replaced if damaged. They'll eat just about anything and don't require much in the way of healthy intake.   One standout food preference those is gold. They will often eat a few gold coins or nuggets while engaged in religious events or while working on something destructive. It's a minor form of veneration for the Golden Omen.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Priest and Engineer, factory and temple, they are one and the same for Wretchlings. The leader of their communities will be those with the greatest skills in science and engineering. These are clearly the most favored by the Golden Omen

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The oils in the Wretchling scent glands are capable of making all sorts of stinking concoctions should one be interested in such foul things. Also, Wretchlings tend to have a fair amount of gold on them or in their homes, assuming one can catch before they've dedicated such riches to flame

Facial characteristics

Varies from clan to clan

Average Intelligence

Wretchlings are very smart. Across their species there is a general interest in science and physics. This interest is often focused on the areas of ballistics, demolitions, engineering, and similarly destructive vocations. They are quick to learn, excellent at teamwork, and dedicated to their tasks to the point of obsession.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Wretchlings have an excellent sense of smell. They also possess dark vision similar to many other species

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Wretchlings have terrible diets and are often host to all manner of fur and gut parasites

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Every clan has their own individual traditions. Any names and the traditions surrounding them from before the time of their home's destruction are lost.

Major Organizations

Each clan is a dangerous cult with its own cliques and inner circles. Only massive organizations such as Black Mark Acquisitions are held in regard across clans   Slurry Masters are an area of ever-increasing influence within Wretchling society. Their science is a rather new one but also very welcome. It frees many Wretchlings from the burdensome nature of pregnancy which is often seen as time that could have been better spent blowing something up. Clans will generally have their own Slurry Masters which can range from single individuals with a few wooden barrels at their disposal, to sprawling factory-level operations with countless vats

Beauty Ideals

Explosions.   The more you know about how to bring about destruction the more favored you are by the Golden Omen; and thus the more beautiful you are.

Gender Ideals

With advanced in the sacred arts of destruction always on the rise, Wretchlings of all gender are encouraged to join in and revel in the Omen's glory equally

Courtship Ideals

Often, Wretchlings will have a "calling card" of sorts that identify their particular brand of explosive mayhem. Nothing is worse than a grandious explosion which cannot be laid claim to. Wretchlings will often admire each other's work and even bond romantically over such acts of destruction.

Average Technological Level

Wretchlings are very advanced compared to many other races across the planets and planes, however... their science is very focused on only a few areas. While they may possess the knowhow to travel the stars and devastate world, they would be considered primitive in the areas of medicine and hygiene for example. These stunted areas of knowledge are certainly things within their grasp but convincing them to pursue such study is often a lost cause

Major Language Groups and Dialects

They have their own chittering, hissing, form of speech. They also can communicate a limited amount of information via their scent glands and highly developed noses. Wretchlings are keen on picking up common trade languages though, seeing a great deal of value in them.

Common Etiquette Rules

Wretchings are very loathe to get into physical squabbles with each other. They look coming to blows with their own kind as very taboo. Disagreements are general resolved by blowing something up. It should be noted that blowing something up while your own kind are still within the blast radius isn't taboo at all.

Common Dress Code

This will vary from clan to clan and even across individuals but they do tend toward the colors of fire and gleaming gold. They will often carry or wear gold but these items do not have the same relevance as they might for other species. They are seen as useful trinkets to have near for when an explosion worthy of sacrificing gold to, should present itself.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Explosions.   Also, sacrificing gold to whatever explosion they're about to unleash. Bombs are often enchased in gold. Bullet casings made of gold. Energy cells incorporating golden components or plasma made from superheated gold. They see golden as something belonging to their precious Omen and always seek to return it.

Common Taboos

  • Hoarding gold without intending to return it to the Omen
  • Making an explosion larger than that of your host while vising their home
  • Stopping someone from intentionally blowing themselves up

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Wretchlings have no issue with other races and would be perfectly accepting of them if they didn't get in the way of ritualistically blowing up large swarths of planets and planes. They fully believe that anyone is capable of worshipping the Golden Omen regardless of species. Unfortunately, Wretchling ambassadors and Omenite Missionaries tend toward gifts or greetings of utter destruction when making first contact. None of this is meant with ill-will and in fact is an act of genuine kindness. They'll either blow something up nearby to their potential new friends, which is unfortunately often taken as an act of war, or they'll gift a powerful explosive to their counterparts... however; Wretchling safety measures are tenuous at best.
Average Height
Generally between 3' to 5'6 feet.
Average Weight
45 to 110LBS
Average Physique
Frail compared to many other sentient species. Though, that fragility is often countered by their absolute frenzied pursuit of their goal. While wirery and small, it is rare that a Wretchling will not fight to the absolute death.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Varies from clan to clan. The most common features will include dark fur with lighter strips on their belly, backs, faces and down to their tails.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


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