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People say Ghal Pelor is the last great hope for Tairos. That it's a place where all races can come together to build a tomorrow that has a place for every people. But, down there, in the Bitter Depths, where hope and light are alien concepts sits a city. A city and a people who are the dark mirror of Ghal Pelor. And I tell you this... the light above doesn't know thing about the dark below and that ignorance will be their end
Many would assume that a Drekhian would refer only to those of Drekh heritage and that may have once been true in the early days of their people. That changed with the coming of the Xikhani and their occupation.
With the Xikhani came species, cultures and technologies from all across the stars and the realms of reality. The Drekh themselves only understood a fragments of the truth about life beyond Tairos. Worlds were shattered, the stars were growing dark, and most races were little more than nomadic individuals eking out an existence amid the ruins of a once bountiful cosmos. They learned that giants still walked the stars though and one of those was the Xikhani. Specifically the many corporate empires that make up their petty, vindictive, culture. The largest of those corporations, Black Mark Acquisitions, is the one that seized Sha'Hidun and the Drekh people.
Merchants, mercenaries, wanderers, mystics and refugees all rushed to the Sha'Hidun to begin a life for themselves under the reign of Black Mark. The Drekh themselves, like all other acquired races, were brought into the fold rather than enslaved in a more traditional sense. Second class certainly but to the Xikhani all are second class.
Those that came to live in Sha'Hidun no matter their race, origin, or past became the new Drekhians. A blended people born from the chattel cast off by dead civilizations and all flocking to the shadow of the conquering Xikhani. Because of the prevalence of the Drekh's architecture, entertainment, cuisine and other cultural elements many of the extraterrestrial newcomers have assimilated those facets into their way of life. Simply put the Drekhians are now any who have come to live in Sha'Hidun and have live by the blended culture that exists there. The degree to which an individual adopts or tolerates the culture of the city will vary. Some fully embrace it and delve deeply into the ways of the city and the ancient history of the Drekh. Others may only participate at the most surface level, preferring to keep their old traditions alive as long as possible.
Regardless of the fractious nature the Drekhian culture's origin they are a united people. Unfortunately, it's not anything as altruistic as what binds The Ghal Pelorians. For Drekhians it's obedience. The ambitions of the Black Mark Acquisitions comes first and if not for their singular authority the various elements of Drekhian society would rip itself apart as they vie to fill the vacuum of power.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Varies based on racial origin.


Major language groups and dialects

The language most commonly known among the Drekhians is Universal Basic, more commonly known just Universal or Uni. The exact origin of that language is unknown but it is a trade tongue similar in purpose to Tairos' Common Tongue. After Universal, there is a great affection for the Drekh's native language.

Culture and cultural heritage

Drekhian society is a melting pot. In part because of the Xikhani overlords but also because of how enticing the exotic can be to people. Drakhians are hungry for new culture and to assimilate it into their own. This assimilation might be anathema to many hardliners and traditionalists but the majority welcome it eagerly.

Average technological level

Drekhians are the most technologically advanced people of Tairos thanks to the Xikhani and other extraterrestrials absorbed by the culture

Common Etiquette rules

Perhaps the only truly shared etiquette among all Drekhians is the deference they must show to Xikhani and to Black Mark Acquisitions. They will be the first served in social situations and the ones granted every courtesy possible by their hosts.


Beauty Ideals

Art is a very prominent aspect of Drekhian life and much of that art comes from the original Dark Elf inhabitants. They find sculptures, paintings, plays, and games having to do with punishment, vengeance, and physical allure to be things of beauty. When it comes to physical attraction it will vary from race to race but because of their access to genetic modification technology many are obsessed with visual beauty. Scars and other imperfections are generally looked down upon. For some, more extreme modifications are the peak of desirability

Courtship Ideals

While courtship and bonds such are left up to individuals to navigate the Xikhani do insist that all marriages and similar arrangements are registered with them. They claim this is for safety but in truth it is one of hundreds of community intelligence measures that allow Black Mark to control their people and guard against rebellion

Major organizations

Black Mark Acquisitions- The overlords of the Drekhians and most powerful of all Xikhani corporations
The Dactyi- The masters of the most powerful Drekh houses stand at the zenith of Drekhian society, second only to the Xikhani
Encompassed species
Related Organizations
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