Cult Of The Bear

The totemic worship of the Frostmerites is hard to compare to the religions of the more hospitable regions of here are the Totem Cults. These organizations are basically fraternities of spirit as well as totem oriented warband to which one may pledge themselves.   They are not insular, nor secretive, as the "cults" make good use of the patronage of their totems' followers at large.  
  The Bear Cult, one of the largest and best established, is nevertheless a relatively poor organization when compared to its large peers. Warriors usually enjoy only the protection of leather and cloth, though the cult will ensure they have a helmet (and every Frostmerite has a shield).   Only the elite of the Bear Cult will wear chain armor, as they do not have the metalworking or blacksmithing patronage of an order such as the Cult of the Wolf.  
  They also do not have have near the financial resources of the Cult of the Raven; however, the Bears do have the broad patronage of Brewers, Ale Houses, Meaderies, and Taverns. Therefore, even though they can't rely on as much agricultural support as the Cult of the Mammoth, the Bears nevertheless usually find themselves well fed, and with comfortable accommodations.   It would be a poor tavern hearth that would not feature a reference to the bear spirit, and a surly tavern keeper who would not welcome a member of the Bear Cult into their establishment with open arms.   Like most of the totemic orders, the Cult of the Bear will often mobilize for war. They might supplement and help a stronghold in need of aid, or march as mercenaries for whoever might fill the coffers of the Great Bear Alehouse.   As mercenaries, they enjoy a reputation as one of the more approachable and jovial groups of Frostmerites, and are a popular choice for guarding precious cargo or critical convoys.   The warriors of the Bear Cult tend to favor the spear, and only very infrequently will levy archers. They have a reputation for a particularly effective shield-wall, which they will use to immunize themselves against ranged foes before getting within charging distance.  
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  Like any cult, Skalds and Gothi are particularly important for the preservation of lore, and spiritual connection to the totems.  
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  Especially powerful warriors might find themselves becoming armored "Denguard", either as fighters who have gained renown within the cult, or veterans from without who later dedicate themselves to the Bear spirit.   The Cult of the Bear has enjoyed a recent influx of well seasoned (and equipped) warriors, as a result of tales from the South and West, of the Great Bear spirit aiding adventuring Frostmerites at the behest of a powerful spirit seer named Beorna.   The Cult has also seen more of its members taking the path of the fang, and dedicating themselves to the furious rage of a bear spirit awoken. These "Bj√∂rnkers" drink one of the secretly brewed meads of the Bear Cult, and whip themselves into an aggressive charge that will shake even the most formidable enemy. These warriors have given themselves purely to attack, so much so that most don't even carry their Shields in to battle!  
  Although it's hard for outsiders to tell one Frostmerite from another, you will find it easy to identify a member of the Cult of the Bear.   They will have blue and yellow upon their shield. On the battlefield, they will often fight alongside trained War Bears. In a tavern, they will share the best mead around the warmest hearth.


Military Cult/Mercenary Company/Totemic Order.

Public Agenda

In service to the Great Bear Spirit, the well-being of Frostmerites, and glory as a mercenary company.


The Great Ale House of Blackvane, patronage of many taverns, meaderies, and brew houses. Can levy adherents of the Bear for battle, maintains a small treasure horde at the Ale House, as well as an armory.

Trust the great bear.

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Bear Cult, The Bears, Cult of the Great Hearth
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