Summer Camp Pledge 2022

It's that time of year, again! Continuing last year's trend, I'm going to take things slow! Not only do I have less time to write this year, I'm also entangled in non-writing projects at the same time! I'm keeping it simple to keep me sane!  

The Plan

I plan to shoot for bronze, and then see how I feel about the rest! I'm simplifying my plans even further than last year— I'm not going to shoot for 1 article per world, even. I'm still coming out of a writing funk and trying to get a hold of inspiration, which is more important than arbitrary goals such as that. There will be at least 1 article for Qet though, don't worry! However, I suspect my main focus this year will be on my new world...  

The Many Dreams of Ca'eam

This new world was created for me to break out of this writing funk, and comes without the strict guidelines, limitations, and expectations of all my other worlds. It doesn't even have to adhere to a single genre! Though I find myself naturally gravitating towards Calvino-esque magical realism/surrealism for now. I'm quite happy with it so far and expect to write a good bit more within it over Summer Camp, take a look!  
The Many Dreams of Ca'eam


I want to try and get back into the community a bit more this Summer Camp— by popping into the Discord a lil more often, trying to engage with new folk more, and redoubling my social media efforts. As far as social media is concerned, I'm going to be posting more article "cards" like the one I did for Qet earlier this month, and attempting to make some worldbuildy Tiktoks! I may try and do a bit more if I've the energy, but I'll leave those plans unspoken unless they come to fruition!   And, most importantly, I want to be there for my friends and fellow worldbuilders! I'm gonna read, like, comment, and talk with folk as best I can to support their efforts this Summer Camp! You may hear about other projects next month, too— Dylon and I are currently playtesting our collaborative TTRPG, after all. I'd also like to remind y'all to be healthy in your pursuits! The world sucks! It's bad! It's not a good place, and you should not feel guilty about having less motivation, energy, time, or health to participate as you did in previous years— all that matters is that we have a good time!


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29 Jun, 2022 09:07

Best of luck!!

Check out my competition entry!
Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
29 Jun, 2022 19:00

Thank you, same to you!

30 Jun, 2022 05:33

Good to see that you're taking things slow! I agree - we should protect our health first, and whatever worldbuilding comes out of it is a bonus. Good luck with Summer Camp!

Creator of the Kaleidoscope System, an alien star system shaped by a colorful radiation source.   My Pledge for Summer Camp 2022
Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
30 Jun, 2022 06:29

Thank you, best of luck to you, too!

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