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You'd wish a curse upon your own kin? Shameful soul, you've come to the right place.
— A curseweaver
  Curseweavers are those who make a living out of placing eldritch curses upon others. They exist throughout Qet by many different names— and are generally despised under each. Most nations who are aware of their existence have long since declared them criminals and outlaws.  

A Two Way Street

In game

Curseweavers are wielders of eldritch magic with the Abyssal Aegis class— which focuses on defensive spells, at the cost of self-inflicted yet transferable curses.   One wishing to obtain eldritch power may be able to seek out a curseweaver for their insight...
Each curseweaver has tapped into eldritch magic via a different patron. Whether this be the likes of Yuhlhezot, Gryiinph, or any of the other myriad beings one may be able to borrow power from. Most patrons ask for something in return of the caster, making sure this power is never granted for free. Even with this favor done, it often requires repeating. This is just the price for the basic ability to cast spells— curses in particular often ask yet more of the user. In most cases, one cannot simply place a curse on another and call it a day. No, they must first take the curse into their own body.  
Do not avert your eyes— you wished this upon your neighbor, did you not? Look at the corrosion upon my body— and know that this is what awaits your target.
— A curseweaver
  Once the curse has entered their body, the curseweaver must then get close to the intended target to shift it to theirs. This typically requires curses to be made mere feet away from a target, so the weaver can survive. As a result, those who make a living in this way are typically those who are either without any other option, stubborn, or insane. Many curseweavers tend to lead short careers, falling victim to their own curses before they can pass them on, or from the wounds left behind.  

In the darkest corners

Their work being not only often illegal, but dangerous and alarming to all those who witness it— curseweavers tend to rely on word of mouth to find new clients. They may live normal lives, and weave curses only at night.   Others live in unsavory places— in decrepid buildings, caves, or beneath bridges— but practice their craft on a daily basis. Some leave calling cards in unexpected places, signs and symbols only those familiar with their work may understand. Regardless of how they attract clients— they tend to find a steady stream of them.


Whenever a building collapses, a plague infects a town, or something otherwise inexplicable to the commoner befalls another— a curseweaver is likely to be blamed. In some areas, such as Lliaq, this is simply laughed off— how could such a thing exist? In rural towns and villages, however, this can be taken with the utmost seriousness— and it does take long for a hunt to begin. As very few curseweavers are actually capable of causing these things, however, the victims of these fearful hunts are often innocent.

By Coin or Worse

While coin is the most immediately practical method of payment— not every curseweaver accepts it. Some may ask more of their clients, such as procuring specific materials, working for the curseweaver for a set period of time, or to simply listen to or look at some eldritch creature.  
Yes, I think that's a fair price. You will never see the world the same way again— and neither shall your target.
— A satisfied curseweaver

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Jul 22, 2020 10:42

I like the high cost of casting the curses! But what do the curseweavers ask for payment? Do they do it just for money, or something more important?

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