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Sky High Tavern

The Sky High Tavern is a modified Wether Summit airship built by Conzania. It serves as a luxury tavern in the sky.
I remember the first time seeing the Sky High Tavern. I really wanted to eat there. Obviously it was out of my league at the time, but now, I have dined there and it was amazing. The food is to die for and Gwern Pumphrey made me feel welcome.
— Liam Rosk after his first visit


The Sky High Tavern, when it's not flying around, is docked at the Emeraldscot Airdock. Dock 6 is permanently reserved for it.


If the Sky High Tavern has been pre-booked by a party of at least 10 people, they can opt to pay for a flight. The destination is planned with the captain.


50 GP departure fee.
2.5 GP per KM as a round trip.
3.75 GP per KM for a single flight.

Main staff

The Sky High Tavern is owned and operated by Gwern Pumphrey. He often runs the bar during the midday through evening hours.


The cooks work in the kitchen to prepare the food for the guests and for the rest of the staff. Ivor Baughan is the chef cook on board.


At the bar, the bar employees make sure that guests at the bar are entertained and have the drinks they desire.


The servers make sure that food and drinks get to the tables of the guests.

General staff

The general staff support the rest of the staff and clean around the airship.


If a ship is booked for a flight, a captain or multiple captains will be hired for the job. 1 For every shift. If it's a short flight, the owner Gwern Pumphreyusually steps in.



On the aft of the main deck, a reception and waiting area can be found. On the port side, people can embark through the double doors.


On the lodging deck, 6 rooms with double beds and 4 rooms with single beds can be found.
Really comfortable beds, especially after a long day and when you've had a few drinks. Haha. Not the cheapest, but totally recommended!
— Johnnie Walken


2 GP per night for a double bed room.
1 GP 5 SP per night for a single bed room.

Restaurant & bar

On the main deck of the Sky High Tavern, visitors can enjoy food at the tables or even sit at the bar to enjoy some drinks.



Wine list

Electrum Robin Pinot Noir
A finely made red wine that is described as rich, aromatic, and mellow.
Bottle price: 8 gp, 2 sp
Glass price: 2 gp, 7 sp   Crystal Kraken Cabernet Sauvignon
An imported red wine with a taste that is toasty and vibrant.
Bottle price: 4 gp, 9 sp
Glass price: 1 gp, 6 sp   Sultry Scythe Pinot Noir
A finely made red wine that is described as expressive and dry.
Bottle price: 7 gp, 6 sp
Glass price: 2 gp, 5 sp   Poisonous Fist Sauvignon Blanc
A finely made white wine with flavors that are soft and aromatic.
Bottle price: 7 gp, 7 sp
Glass price: 2 gp, 5 sp

Beer list

Lavender Moose Porter
9.14% ABV
A masterfully brewed chestnut brown porter. Described as a pleasantly bitter porter with a smooth finish.
Gallon price: 7 sp, 5 cp
Pint price: 1 sp, 5 cp   Yellow Magpie Lager
6.32% ABV
A locally brewed reddish lager. Described as a robust lager with a touch of coffee and a rich finish.
Gallon price: 7 sp, 4 cp
Pint price: 1 sp, 4 cp   Filthy Mug Stout
7.77% ABV
A locally brewed dark brown stout. Described as a complex stout with a touch of vanilla and a creamy finish.
Gallon price: 6 sp, 3 cp
Pint price: 1 sp, 2 cp   Babbling Archon Stout
6.64% ABV
A microbrewed medium brown stout. Described as a fruity stout with notes of chocolate and a pleasant finish.
Gallon price: 6 sp, 8 cp
Pint price: 1 sp, 3 cp   Wolf and Salamander Hard Cider
6.41% ABV
A locally brewed pale cider. Described as a sweet cider with a smooth finish.
Gallon price: 6 sp
Pint price: 1 sp, 2 cp   Mossy Flask Pilsner
7.55% ABV
An imported copper-colored pilsner. Described as a mild pilsner with a rich finish.
Gallon price: 6 sp, 4 cp
Pint price: 1 sp, 2 cp

Liquor list

Bloody Beech Rum
A finely made sugarcane rum.
Bottle price: 6 gp, 8 sp
Shot price: 1 gp, 1 sp   Golden Orb Vermouth
A finely made dry vermouth.
Bottle price: 6 gp, 9 sp
Shot price: 1 gp, 1 sp   Tiny Griffon Vodka A locally produced rye vodka.
Bottle price: 4 gp, 5 sp
Shot price: 7 sp, 6 cp   House Brandy
A house-made pomace brandy.
Bottle price: 4 gp, 1 sp
Shot price: 6 sp, 8 cp   House Rum
A house-made molasses rum.
Bottle price: 4 gp
Shot price: 6 sp, 7 cp



Jerky Strips
A basket of several strips of chicken jerky.
5 sp, 6 cp   Deep-Fried Potato Wedges
Potato wedges fried in sunflower oil. Served with a spicy red sauce.
1 gp, 2 sp   Crammed Baby Artichokes
A platter of baby artichokes crammed with a mélange of potato, onion, and garlic.
1 gp, 5 sp   Loaded Red Peppers
A platter of red peppers loaded with a mélange of garlic, bacon, and cream cheese.
1 gp, 5 sp


Lamb Stew
A rich stew with bits of lamb, assorted grains, and onions.
1 gp, 1 sp   Cream of Chicken
A thick cream of chicken soup with cubed potatoes and turnips.
1 gp, 1 sp   Roasted Ham and Romaine Salad
Leaves of romaine coated in a cider vinegar honey dressing and tossed with baby artichokes, green peppers, and celery. Topped with roasted ham.
1 gp, 1 sp   Blackened Ham and Romaine Salad
Leaves of romaine coated in a balsamic ginger dressing and tossed with olives, baby artichokes, and cucumbers. Topped with blackened ham and slivered almonds.
1 gp, 1 sp   Braised Rabbit and Mixed Greens Salad
Leaves of mixed greens coated in a balsamic ginger dressing and tossed with radishes, red peppers, and onions. Topped with braised rabbit and sliced orange.
1 gp, 1 sp


Blackened Chicken
Blackened slices of chicken in garlic sauce served with mashed potatoes with a side of radishes and celery.
2 gp, 1 sp   Pan-seared Beef
Pan-seared beef in a thick gravy served with rice and black beans.
2 gp, 2 sp   Herb-crusted Steak
Herb-crusted chunks of steak in red sauce on a bed of mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts.
2 gp, 2 sp   Blackened Turkey
Blackened strips of turkey with a ginger marinade on a bed of pasta with a side of collard greens.
2 gp, 2 sp   Rotisserie-cooked Turkey
Rotisserie-cooked turkey in garlic sauce alongside bread and green beans and chard.
2 gp, 2 sp  

Leisure rooms

At the front of the airship on both the Leisure deck and the main deck, several tables can be found to relax and even play some games.
It is a pleasure coming over for some drinks with friends and hang around at the bar. While not cheap, the view is always amazing.
— Condal Hake

Staff rooms

In the aft of the bottom of the ship, crew accommodations are located. Here the crew can rest up after a long day of work in their own bed.


At the bow of the lower deck, staff can prepare the meals for the guests and for themselves. The supplies are beyond the engine room.

Engine room

Between the kitchen and the storage room lies the engine room.


Power Generation

Power onboard is generated through 4 aserions that also provides propulsion for the ship.


A ship core in the bottom of the ship lowers the weight of the ship up to 0, allowing it to sail through the air. For extra speed, aserions are placed in the engine room. These aserions power propellers on both side, which can rotate 180 degrees to brake or even go backwards.

Purpose / Function

Luxury tavern.



In the cargo bay, 8 class IX emperor type cannons are ready to fight back in the case of an attack.
The cannons have to be manned by one person per cannon. The user of the cannon can either channel their own magic through the cannon or use one of the infused spells. The infused spells are: 5th level Flame Strike at the target or 3rd level Lightning Bolt.
Infused spells draw energy from the Magic Storage Crystal.


Weapons of the crew are stored in the crew's quarters. The captain has his own weapon storage in his captain's quarters.
L.P.A. Sky High
65 KM/h peak, 50 KM/h cruising.
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
(Multiple layers through the top right button)
Flying High Tavern


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