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Conzania is a corporation that is famous for their Airships. Their HQ is located in Featherby, and the factories are located in in Bantamswade and Shadowhear.

Civilian use

Known for their luxurious interiors, the passenger transports are sold across Paldurog.
The most famous civilian luxury yacht is the Titan Fox.

Notable ship lines

Vedalia Windome

The Vedalia Windome is one of the largest cargo airships. Used in trade-routes that have to cross both sea and land.

Wether Summit

The Wether Summit is the top-of-the-line airship. It fits up to 16 people with personal cabins. Mainly used by airlines and as personal airships for corporations.

Turaco Hammer

The Turaco Hammer is a luxurious personal airship. It fits up to 4 people with personal cabins. It is mainly used by leaders of corporations who have excessive wealth.

Zebu Maxwell

The Zebu Maxwell is a fishing ship.

Military use

Conzania has an exclusive contract with the Othron Empire for military Airships. Their airships exceed in speed and weaponry compared to their counterparts.

You deserve the luxury you can afford

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Corporation, Business
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