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Zebu Maxwell

The Zebu Maxwell class is a fishing ship made by Conzania.


The Zebu Maxwell is a relatively small ship, fit for about 6 people maximum.

Top deck

At the aft of the ship, a small cockpit with a Navicen can be found as well as a staircase going to the lower deck. In front of that, there is an open space, protected by barriers. In the middle of the open space, there are holes where smaller-medium sized fish can be thrown in. There is also a hole for big fish, which get processed seperately.

Lower deck

At the aft of the ship, there's a staircase, which proceeds even further down. In front of that, a sorting and holding facility can be manned by the crew. In the sorting and holding facility, unwanted fish can be thrown out through hatches. The wanted fish are sorted to a holding facility. The holding facility magically freezes all the fish that come in and keeps them at below 0 temperatures.

Even lower decks

At the aft, there's the staircase going up. In front of that, there are the crew cabins, a bathroom containing a shower, sink and toilet and a galley. Through an access hatch, the engineering deck is accessible.

Power Generation

Power onboard is generated through 1 aserion that also provides propulsion for the ship.


A ship core in the bottom of the ship lowers the weight of the ship up to 0. The aserion power propellers on both side, which can rotate 180 degrees to brake or even go backwards.

Weapons & Armament

At the front of the upper deck, there's a harpoon which is used to Reel Big Fish.

Communication Tools & Systems

Internal communication is handled by communication prisms. Every deck has at least one prism that is linked to one in the bridge. The only external communication possible is with a communication prism in the cockpit. The comm prism in the cockpit is linked to a Central Airship Command (LCAC).

The Central Airship Command can communicate with other airships alligned to that country and with Central Airship Command's in other countries.
Any CAC can contact any other CAC and they in turn can link any 2 ships together if needed.
Used by
72000 gp
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