Communication Prism

A communication prism or comm prism, is a handheld magical prism designed to communicate with someone else.


2 Prisms are linked together by the creator. The prisms afterwards can only communicate with each other.


As an action, a user can activate the prism. On the other side, the prism will vibrate and glow dimly. If the other prism is activated, the 2 users can see each other through the prism an talk to each other. Both users cannot see or hear anything besides the other user.

Prism linking

Through the usage of Prismforging, a user can link 2 prisms together. As long as there is a Prismforger between every 2 prisms, a chain can be created between every 2 Communication Prisms.

Cover image: Fire and Ice: Crystal Pyramid by Michael Dziedzic


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